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Places You Cannot Miss When In Ipoh 

Ipoh is known as a food capital and attracts tourist like a moth to a flame. However, this city is also a gem of historical wonder and there are many places one must see at least once in their life. Here we have a list of Malaysian marvels for you to add to your itinerary. 



Lost World of Tambun

via Sunway

The Lost World of Tambun is a one of a kind adventure park that includes 88 attractions, 10 parks and about 123 different types of animal species cocooned in the lush jungle of our rainforest, it makes for the perfect bonding vacation especially with exclusive KKday promotions that include glamping packages.

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Ho Yan Hor Museum

via MuHotel

This is home to the household brand of Chinese herbal tea that originated in Ipoh in 1941. Here you can learn about the start and evolution of the Ho Yan Hor brand. Their featured gallery is about the life of Dr Ho Kai Cheong who was the creator of the famous healthy Ho Tan Hor. 



Kek Long Tong Cave Temple & Zen Gardens

Located in Gunung Rapat in the south of Ipoh, this temple is on 12 acres of land and was used since the 20s. The Kek Long Tong compromises of a central altar with various Buddhist and the Chinese pantheon deities which lead into the beautiful award-winning zen gardens that also features two lakes.  



Funtasy House Trick Art

via Funtasy House Trick on Facebook

This whimsical place is perfect to bring your family or friends to for a day of bonding over fun displays. There are more than 20 illusion rooms and artwork by local artists which will bend the line between reality and fiction. An added plus, it is completely insta-worthy and will give you unique images to add to your timeline.  



Concubine Lane

via Julina Rashid on Unsplash

Following local stories, this place was built by a mining tycoon; Yao Tet Shin for his three wives. Each lane is named Wive Lane, Concubine Lane, and First Concubine Lane but another version of the story is that it was where rich men hid their mistresses from their wives. Today though, Concubine lane is the most popular now that it has transformed into a popular tourist attraction with a wide variety of food stalls. 



22 Hale Street

via 22 Hale Street on Facebook

This cafe is fairly new as an Ipoh hot spot, 22 Hale Street offers food, a heritage gallery, various merchandise, and space to rent out for private events. Officially launched on 31st August 2017, the owners aimed to provide a place for locals and tourists to experience as much of the Ipoh culture as possible. They are open every day except Monday and we highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the area. 



Miniature Wonders Art Gallery

via Miniature Wonders Art Gallery on Facebook

This double story exhibition centre is a much-visited place by locals and tourists alike for their life like dough impressions. This art gallery is owned by Phoon Lek Kuin and his wife and the artist is his father in law, Xu Shiying, who is a third-generation master dough sculpture. From Beijing, he introduced this art to his Ipoh born son in law who has made it available to all of us to wonder at. 



There can’t be more reasons to visit this wonderful and historic city, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Ipoh now!



Featured image by Chingfoto on Shutterstock