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It’s Okay To Take A Mental Break

Mental health has been one of the hot topics and among the most important advocacies out there. There is a big surge in discussions regarding mental health care and various ways to take a mental rest. A much-needed breather amidst the pandemic.

When it comes to the mind, there is no telling on the extent of our resiliency. Even the toughest and strongest person we know can suffer, without us knowing. In this uncertain time, we should really make the most out of our daily lives. We need to continue creating structures so that we’ll still have a sense of direction and normalcy. Here lies the importance of taking a mental break and thinking of ways on how to relax and calm our minds.

But can we afford to take a mental break? Is it okay to detach ourselves for a bit and have a sense of our old normal lives? Well, yes of course. For sure. Definitely. Here are some reasons why it is okay to have a mental rest:

The emergence of COVID-19 is stressful for everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, social statusyou name it. All of us are affected. This pandemic causes fear and worry, instability and isolation, and mental and physical health conditions to arise or worsen. All of these things may result in depression, sadness, frustration, and anger.


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We need to guard and nourish our minds to make it stronger. We have to do our absolute best to survive. Whether it’s to seek professional help or have a strong support system consisting of family and close friends, do what you gotta do. Think of ways to de-stress and divert your attention even for a short while — look for new hobbies or continue existing ones, take a break from social media and toxic feeds, take a break from distressing news, look for credible sources to broaden your knowledge about the virus. The list of things you can do is endless.


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Aside from taking care of our mental health, we also have to take care of our physical health. Doing home exercises, eating healthy, and getting adequate sleep are all equally vital. After all, being physically fit and healthy greatly contributes to having a sound and clear mind. It may also lower the risk of contracting the virus!


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Avoid burnout. We owe it to ourselves to use our leaveswe worked hard for them anyway. You can either do something productive or frankly, just do nothing at all. Having downtime is valid. Don’t forget that!


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Honestly, taking a mental rest can do wonders for your productivity once you get back to work. It’s like a much-needed reset button.


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Being positive nowadays seems easier said than done. But we have to remember that we are still entitled to feel joy despite the dire situation we are facing. We need to do everything we can to survive. 



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Words by Sheila Llanto
Featured image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash