5 Reasons Why The Axe Factor Is The Best Place To Destress This Weekend

The ax-throwing trend has swept the United States, Canada, Australia, and now Singapore. More than just a competitive pastime, throwing axes onto a target board four meters (14 feet) away is a new way to vent out your worries and frustrations. 

Don’t worry. Everything happens in a secure and controlled environment. There are experts a.k.a. ax-perts to coach and supervise you, as well as share a few tips. The Singapore Police has granted the Axe Factor the approval to operate in the city. No one gets hurt. In fact, the Axe Factor has an excellent safety record of zero accidents.

According to the founders of the Axe Factor, ax throwers aim a target similar to an archery or shooting range and earn points based on where their axes land. Think darts, but bigger and better.

Beyond the thrill and fun, here are five reasons the Axe Factor is the best place to destress this weekend.


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Ax throwing unleashes your competitive side.

Throwing axes is not just a woodsman’s pastime; it’s a competitive sport. In fact, there are groups around the world dedicated to ax-throwing. If you think you have what it takes to make it to the big league—or at least the Axe Factor hall of fame—then try throwing that ax as far as you can. Hurl a larger ax if you’re up to the task.



Throwing axes is a full-body exercise.

Ax-throwing involves not only your arms but your entire body as well. It’s about keeping your core stable and letting your legs propel your arms forward. Think of how many calories you’ll burn from flinging an ax onto a board at a far distance. 


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You also use your mind at the Axe Factor.

No, you can’t randomly throw an ax into the air and hope for the best. As athletes know, your body is just half the effort. Axe-throwing takes hand-eye coordination, focus, courage, and confidence. 



The Axe Factor helps you relieve stress.

Let’s be honest: you’ve wished that you could fling or shout out your troubles without a care in the world. Or maybe you want to bid your stresses goodbye. Axe-throwing can help you do both in a healthy, supervised fashion. 



Finally, it’s unique, safe, and fun.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that most Singaporeans have never thrown an ax, much less held one. Think of the Axe Factor as an out-of-the-box, secure, and fun way to compete, exercise, focus, and destress, especially with friends and coworkers.



What started out as a seemingly risky and strenuous activity has become an increasingly popular means of destressing and bonding as a group and as a workplace. Whether you’re coming with friends or alone, ax throwing will prove to be a one-of-a-kind and fun-filled activity. So, make a booking with the Axe Factor on KKday and throw some hatchets!



Destress this weekend with an Axe Factor voucher from KKday starting at 21.90 SGD. The Axe Factor is located at 200 Turf Club Road #01-32A/B & 34A/B, Singapore, and is open Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 noon – 10:00 p.m. For inquiries, call +65 8923 8945 or email


Words by Carla Martinez Tensuan
Image from KKday Supplier