Hair-Raising Thai Horror Films That Will Keep You Up All Night

Thailand is a beautiful, culturally rich country with its fair share of scary ghost tales. Religion and spiritual traditions are deeply embedded even in folklore and urban legends, which make for the scariest Thai horror films. 

If you’re looking for a good scare, you’re in the right place. We’ve handpicked the best Thai horror movies that are sure to keep you up all night. If you don’t have your movie snacks yet, be sure to grab this Thailand Special Snack Box apt for your Thai horror movie marathon.

Now, dare turn off the lights and press play on these Thai horror movies at your own risk. 



Shutter (2004)


Lists of the best Thai horror movies will always include this classic. Shutter is one of, if not the most traumatizing horror films to ever grace the cinema. It got people watching over their shoulders and overreacting on a stiff neck—the reason you’ll learn after watching the film. 

Shutter is about a photographer, Tun, and his girlfriend being troubled by strange anomalies in every photo they took, which began after they fled from a hit-and-run that killed a woman. Around the same time, Tun also started experiencing severe pains in the neck. Things soon blow up when they find out the dead woman’s connection with the couple. 



4BIA (2008)


Phobia, stylized as 4BIA, is a collection of four short stories: Loneliness, Deadly Charm, The Man in the Middle, and Flight 244. Each has its own fear formula, utilizing various elements that will stick with you through the night. The first story, which many agree is the scariest of them all, leaves you with the image of isolation in spite of a cell phone.

Meanwhile, 4BIA may also qualify as a Thai horror-comedy movie as some parts offer a bit of relief with injects of comedy. Don’t let your guard down so easily, though. 



Siam Square (2017) 


Siam Square is one of the scariest Thai horror movies that takes a popular landmark as the setting of sinister events. The movie follows the creepy crusade of a group of students to disprove an urban legend—which turns out to be true. And now they’re caught in a cat-and-mouse game with an evil spirit. 

If you’re curious, Siam Square is not terrifying at all in real life. It is a popular shopping hub, and you can easily get here and other parts of Bangkok with a BTS Skytrain pass.



Laddaland (2011)


A family headed by Thee starts a fresh, new life in an upscale village called Laddaland but gets anything but. Someone gets murdered, neighbors go mad, and his own family starts to fall apart, causing them to believe that the village is cursed. 

This multi-awarded Thai horror movie sure has a good dosage of suburban creeps and jump scares. But it also has undertones of family problems and relationships, which drive a little closer to home.



The Promise (2017)


Some promises are not meant to be broken—and when they do, it comes with a big price. Such is the case with Ib, who outlived her best friend after they promised to commit suicide together. And now, the resentful ghost of her friend is back to take her daughter away from her. The Promise is one of the scariest Thai horror movies that also highlights the bond between a mother and child, which gives the movie an added depth. 



Pee Mak (2013)


Pee Mak is one of the best Thai horror-comedy movies notable for its brilliant blend of fear factor and humor. The story revolves around Mak who is unaware that he’s come home to the ghosts of his dead wife and baby. It’s now the task of his four friends—an assortment of comic rural characters—to reveal the truth to Mak in spite of his intimidating ghost wife.



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Words by Rei Leano
Featured image via GDH 559 Co., Ltd. on IMDb