Safely Experience The Magic: Tips and Guidelines You Should Know Before Visiting Enchanted Kingdom

Over the weekend, the news about well-loved theme park Enchanted Kingdom reopening ahead of its 25th anniversary this October broke the internet.

Although the announcement was generally met with much excitement, some people couldn’t help but express their doubts and worries, considering the risks of opening a massive amusement complex amid a pandemic. 

Understanding the public’s pressing concerns, Enchanted Kingdom (EK) released an informative video titled “EK Safe N Magical” on its official Facebook page, walking followers through the safety protocols they will be strictly enforcing once the park reopens, so visitors can have a safe and magical experience in the new normal.


If you are planning a visit to EK anytime soon, here are the insider tips and safety guidelines you should know before you go:


Book your tickets in advance 

While ticket booths at the park will be open for walk-in visitors, pre-booking tickets is highly advised to lessen the time spent in queues and to streamline admission. When tickets are booked online, an e-ticket will be issued to the guest, which will then be scanned at the entrance of EK. As the park will be open on select weekends only, make sure to schedule your trip accordingly. 

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Don’t push through with your trip if you’re not feeling well

This should go without saying, but skip the trip to EK if you’re feeling under the weather and, instead, seek medical care. EK will always be there to welcome you once you’re better. 



Comply with the temperature check and vehicle inspection upon entry

Guests will be subject to temperature checks upon arriving at EK’s premises—from the parking lot to the entrances. Vehicles are also to be inspected by park officials to ensure the safety of guests. Visitors who have a high temperature or appear unwell will be isolated for further screening.



via Enchanted Kingdom



Accomplish your health declaration form

You must fill out a health declaration form prior to entering the park. You may access the form through a QR code provided at the entrance. If you don’t have a mobile device capable of scanning QR codes, you may request for a physical copy of the form and manually fill it out. Make sure that all the details you enter are correct as this will facilitate the ease of contact tracing if necessary. 



Wear a face mask and face shield throughout your visit

Among the most basic practices to curb the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is by wearing protective face coverings like face masks and face shields, and EK doesn’t grant any exception to this. All guests are required to wear a face mask and face shield throughout their visit. Those who won’t follow this rule will not be admitted into the park. 



via Enchanted Kingdom


Wash or sanitize your hands regularly

Aside from wearing face coverings, washing your hands regularly is key to avoid contracting COVID-19. To make it more convenient for guests, EK installed multiple hand-washing stations across the park. Upon entry and before riding attractions, guests are also required to step on a foot bath and sanitize their hands with disinfecting hand rubs. 



Observe physical distancing

Physical distancing markers have been put in place especially in queueing areas, including rides and restaurants. Character interactions such as meet and greet opportunities with Eldar the Wizard will also follow physical distancing measures. 



via Enchanted Kingdom



Go cashless

When transacting at shops and concessionaires, guests are encouraged to use cashless modes of payment to lessen the handling of money. 



Eat and drink at designated areas

Eating and drinking means taking off your mask and face shield, which increases your risk of exposure to harmful droplets, so see to it that you eat and drink only at designated areas in the park, where acrylic barriers have also been fixed.



via Enchanted Kingdom



With stringent safety protocols in place at Enchanted Kingdom, are you looking forward to visiting the theme park once it reopens?

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates on Enchanted Kingdom’s reopening this October! Make sure to check out KKday when you’re ready to book your tickets!



*Featured image via Enchanted Kingdom