5 K-Dramas You Wouldn’t Want To Miss This September

September looks like a packed month in K-Drama Land! 

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on South Korea’s lucrative entertainment industry, several shows slated for a late August release were moved to September, with some still currently subject to change at any time.

That wouldn’t stop us from feeling the excitement, though! Here are 5 Upcoming Korean dramas we couldn’t wait to watch soon:



Stars: Lee Is Young, Ha Jun, Lee Joon Hyuk, David Lee, Shin Eun Soo, Hwang Jung Min, Bae Hae Sun, Hani, Lee Se Hee, Shin So yum, Choi Siwon, Lee, Ahn Se Ha
Premieres On: 4 September

This new MBC drama is billed as a sci-fi anthology series that will feature four stories, namely “Blink” that will follow a detective who’s set to solve a murder case with an artificial intelligence (AI) detective; “Baby It’s Over Outside” a tragic romance between a young couple at the face of the end of the world; “White Crow” that tells the story of a broadcasting jockey who gets trapped in a VR horror game; and “Love Virtually” which is about an app that enables people to meet virtually with any appearance they wish.



Record of Youth

Stars: Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, Byun Woo Seok
Premieres On: 7 September

“Record of Youth” is Park Bo Gum’s much-anticipated drama prior to his military enlistment. In the story, he plays Sa Hye Joon, an aspiring actor and model who gets tangled up in circumstances with Ahn Jung Ha, a makeup artist played by Park So Dam, and Won Hae Hyo, another ambitious model played by Byun Woo Seok. Aside from the drama itself, the original soundtrack (OST) of the show is also stirring excitement among fans, as the first lineup was revealed to feature K-Pop heavyweights like EXO’s Baekhyun, Chungha, Lee Hi, MAMAMOO’s Wheein, Kim Jae Hwan, and more!



Zombie Detective

Stars: Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Ju Hyun
Premieres On: 14 September

It may not seem like it, but “Zombie Detective” is actually a comedy that follows zombie Kim Moo Young (Choi Jin Hyuk), who becomes a detective in his second year of resurrection to uncover the truth about his past. Meanwhile, Gong Seon Ji (Park Ju Hyun) is an investigative journalist who’s as tenacious as she is optimistic. Through her job, she displays an unparalleled sense of justice. 



Oh! Samkwang Villa

Stars: Lee Jang Woo, Jin Ki Joo, Jun In Hwa, WJSN’s Bona, and more
Premieres On: 19 September

Boasting an ensemble cast, “Oh! Samkwang Villa” is a heart-warming drama about people who gather at Samkwan Villa, a house run by a woman named Lee Soon Jung (Jun In Hwa). The people then find a connection with each other and stick together through the troubles that come their way.



More Than Friends

Stars: Ong Seong Wu, Shin Ye Eun
Premieres On: 25 September

What happens when two best friends start to feel romantic feelings towards each other? That’s exactly what “More Than Friends” wishes to convey. Starring Shin Ye Eun as Kyung Woo Yeon, an artist who gives up her one-sided love for her friend Lee Soo (One Seon Wu), the show is set to crush the hearts of viewers with a story of unrequited love over the course of 10 years. 



Which K-Drama are you looking forward to this month? Make sure to grab some yummy snacks for your viewing pleasure!



*Featured image via JTBC