KKday’s New Special Snack Box Will Treat You To The Yummy Flavors Of Taiwan

PSA: You no longer have to travel to Taiwan to enjoy the island’s most delicious snacks! 

KKday’s Taiwan Special Snack Box pulls together over a dozen popular and well-loved snacks and sweets from Taiwan for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. These souvenir-perfect goodies can be delivered right to your doorstep (yep, you can enjoy them straight away just in time for your movie or K-Drama marathon). You can also show your loved ones that you remember them by sending them this snack box as a care package, so they, too, can have a taste of the wonderful flavors of Taiwan! 

KKday Snack Box Delivery
Open a box full of yummy Taiwanese snacks!

Each Taiwan Special Snack Box contains the following goodies:

I-MEI Milk Puff - Taiwanese speciality snack
(1) I-MEI Milk Puff
Mixed Flavor Shen Xiang Zhen Jellies
(4) Shen Xiang Zhen Jellies (mixed flavors)
Famous Taiwanese Snack - 77 Chocolate Bars
(4) 77 Chocolate Bars
Taipei Snacks - Shrimp Cookie
(1) Shia Wei Sien Shrimp Strip Cookie
Sachima - Taiwanese Delicacy
(1) Sachima
Prince Noodles - Taipei Delicacy
(2) Prince Noodles
Peacock Wafer Roll - Taiwan Snacks
(1) Peacock Wafer Roll
(4) Corn Biscuits
(3) I-MEI Chocolate Grape Balls
(2) Bubble Tea Cakes
(1) Pea Cracker Pack
(3) Chia Te Pineapple Cakes
(2) 3:15pm Milk Tea
(1) Magi Planet Special Flavor Popcorn in Small Pack (Limited item for first 20 boxes only)
Special KKday Exclusive Coffee Pack
(1) KKday Exclusive Coffee Pack



Open a box filled with amazing Taiwanese treats today! Place your order here now!



*This product is available to residents of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and the U.S.A. Contents are subject to change without prior notice.