The Bars, Cafés, And Restaurants You Saw On “The World Of The Married”

The recently-concluded “The World Of The Married” emerged as one of South Korea’s highest-rated and most talked-about dramas of all time, and we could easily see why. This Korean adaptation of the BBC One series “Doctor Foster” is an intense exposition of marital scandals and intrigue that people seemingly can’t get enough of time and time again. 

But aside from the compelling plot and actors who truly personified their roles, the details that went into the show drew us even more to the story, and among them are the filming locations. 

Here, we list down bars, cafés, and restaurants that made an appearance on “The World of The Married” that you can easily reach through the Seoul Subway:



Muddy Murphy Irish Pub (머디머피스)

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The Scene: As mundane as it seems, Ji Sun-woo (Kim Hee-ae) goes to this Irish pub where her patient Min Hyun-seo (Sim Eun-woo) works as a bartender. The two eventually strike an unlikely friendship.

The Location: A great place to grab a cold one, Muddy Murphy exudes the ultimate Irish Pub vibe—from its facade to its interiors.

Address: 19-5 Shopping-ro, Sinjang 2(i)-dong, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

How To Get There: Take Seoul Subway Line 1 to Songtan Station, Exit 5. The pub is approximately a 13-minute walk from the station. 



Kaare Klint The Cafe-Bundang Yongin Branch (카레클린트 분당용인점)

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The Scene: Father and son Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-joon) and Lee Joon-young (Jeon Jin-seo) share a moment at this cafe when Yeo Da-kyung (Han So-hee) walks in, only to leave the cafe after getting a baffled look from Tae-oh. 

The Location: This particular scene was filmed at the Bundang Yongin Branch of the Kaare Klint The Cafe franchise. 

Address: 15-15 Jukjeon-ro 15beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

How To Get There: Take the Bundang line to Jukjeon Station, Exit 2. The cafe is approximately a 13-minute walk from the station.



Bottega Lounge [보테가 라운지]

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The Scenes: This lounge appeared on the show from episode 8 to 10, following the infidelity of Son Je Hyuk (Kim Young-min) to his wife Go Ye-rim (Park Sun-young), even flirting with a bar waitress. 

The Location: Bottega Lounge is an upscale bar sitting on the second level of the Rubina Building, located in Seoul’s glitzy Cheongdam neighborhood. 

Address: 502 Dosan-daero, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

How To Get There: Take the Bundang Line to Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 2/3. 



L’Escape Hotel (레스케이프호텔)

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The Scene: Tension rises when Tae-oh and Da-kyung unexpectedly arrive at this restaurant and was ushered to a spot near Sun-woo and Dr. Kim Yoon-ki (Lee Moo-saeng) who were having dinner. 

The Location: L’Escape Hotel is a Parisian-themed boutique hotel in Seoul that houses a cocktail bar called Marque d’Amour on its 26th floor. 

Address: 67 Toegye-ro, Hoehyeon-dong 1(il)ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

How To Get There: Take Seoul Subway Line 4 to Hoehyeon Station, Exit 6. The hotel is approximately 1 minute away from the station. 



Asosan (아소산 본점)

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The Scene: CEO Yeo Byeong-gyu (Lee Young-young) sits down for a meal with Yoon-ki at this restaurant. The men talk about whether there is any affection left between Byeong-gyu’s son-in-law Tae-oh and Tae-oh’s ex-wife Sun-woo. 

The Location: Asosan is a Japanese restaurant in Gyeonggi-do that has appeared in some of the most popular K-Dramas, including “Melting Me Softly,” “Sky Castle,” and “Because This Is My First Life.”

Address: 128 Jeongbalsan-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

How To Get There: Take Seoul Subway Line 3 to Jeongbalsan Station, Exit 4. Walk straight and turn left when you reach the first street, Jeongbalsan-ro, where the restaurant is located. Keep walking until you find the restaurant on your right. 


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*Featured image via JTBC