Whipped Strawberry Milk Is Dalgona Coffee’s Pretty Pink Sister—Here’s How To Make It!

Whipped coffee a.k.a. dalgona coffee sure did put our arm muscles to a test just to achieve its famous delightful froth that goes perfectly well with sweet milk. But if you’re not a fan of caffeine and have yet to find the right whipped beverage to fall in love with, don’t worry! There are a lot of alternatives, including the latest addition to the frothy drink craze: whipped strawberry milk.

The pretty pink drink shares a lot of similarities with its coffee counterpart—it’s light, easy to make, and undeniably Insta-perfect, too! In fact, it caught the attention of the world when Instagram influencer Valentina Mussi (@sweetportfolio) posted about her whipped strawberry milk recipe, which also makes use of just three ingredients—1 tablespoon of strawberry Nesquik powder, 1/4 cup heavy cream, and fresh milk. 

Like how you’d make dalgona coffee, this drink will require some arm work, as you have to whisk the strawberry Nesquik powder and heavy cream together until they form soft to firm peaks. Once you’re happy with the consistency, serve the pink froth over chilled fresh milk—easy peasy! You can even put the mixture in a star-tipped piping bag to give your drink a nice swirl on top!


Homemade Whipped Strawberry Milk
Homemade whipped strawberry milk  |  via ET Tisomboon on Shutterstock


Now, if you don’t have strawberry Nesquik, you can still make whipped strawberry milk using this recipe that produces similar results:


What You Need

-All-purpose cream
-Flavored drink mix (like Kool-Aid or Tang—yes, you can choose your choice of flavor, too!)
-Fresh milk


What To Do

  1. Chill all-purpose cream overnight, then whisk until the consistency becomes foamy.
  2. Add flavored drink mix to the cream—make it as light-tasting or tangy as you wish!
  3. Pour milk into a glass, but don’t fill completely. Feel free to add some ice cubes.
  4. Carefully top the iced milk with the foamy mixture.
  5. Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serve some whipped strawberry milk to your loved ones at home  |  via ET Tisomboon on Shutterstock



To tickle the taste buds of her followers even more, Valentina Mussi has also experimented with other popular ingredients and flavors to create sweet tooth-approved frothy drinks. These include cocoa and the famous hazelnut and chocolate spread Nutella!



Are you an avid fan of the frothy drink craze? What are the frothy drinks you’ve tried making so far?



*Featured image by ET Tisomboon