5 Inspiring Travel Podcasts You Have To Listen To Right Now

Podcasts are a gem on the interwebs. Think of them as pre-recorded radio shows with real people talking about a plethora of things they’re passionate about—from art to culture to travel. They’re fun to listen to and can be very educational, too! So if you’re done binge-watching that show on Netflix or have given up on trying to focus on reading a book you just couldn’t seem to finish, why not try listening to a podcast? After all, now’s probably the best time to check out one and hit play.  

To help you get started, here are five of our favorite travel podcasts:



The Travel Diaries 

Travel Diaries with Holly Rubenstein
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Hosted by entertainment and travel journalist Holly Rubenstein, The Traveler Diaries boasts quite a star-studded guest list. Featuring interviews with prominent personalities including British perfumer Jo Malone, actor Dev Patel, and TV chef-author Nadiya Hussain, the podcast welcomes you into the high-flying adventures (and misadventures) of the rich and famous. 

Episodes You Might Like:
Rick Stein
Sir Richard Branson – Short Haul
Poppy Delevingne – Long Haul



The Trip That Changed Me

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This podcast is exactly what its title suggests—it’s all about how travel changed the lives of people. Featuring touching, intriguing, and compelling interviews with travelers, The Trip That Changed Me gives you a glimpse into the lives of various individuals whose stories deserve to be heard—from an under-inspired advertising agency employee who escapes to Morocco to a journalist who quit her day job, called off her wedding, and pursued a career in travel writing full-time

Episodes You Might Like:
Paris with Jackie Kai Ellis: fighting depression, patisserie school, and why it’s never too late to start over
Japan with Jacqueline Gifford: memory, childhood nostalgia, and the myth of having it all
South Africa with Gail Simmons: taste buds, safaris, and raising little travelers 



The Thought Card: A Travel Finance Podcast

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If you’re in need of nifty financial advice for your travel pursuits, you should definitely tune in to Danielle Desir’s The Thought Card: A Travel Finance Podcast. Mainly tackling money matters, it gives you smart insight on how to manage your finances wisely without compromising the quality of your dream trips. 

Episodes You Might Like:
Why You Need A Travel Fund Right Now
Side Hustling and Earning Outside of Your Nine to Five with Dielle Charon
Affording Luxury Travel with Nadeen White


Flight of Fancy

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Want to listen to something lighthearted yet informative? Ben Groundwater’s Flight of Fancy is a fun podcast touching a variety of topics in an unconventional non-travel guide kind of way. Get never-before-heard tips and anecdotes from wittily-titled episodes such as “How To Travel Without Ruining The World”, “Countries That Love Getting Naked”, and  “What It’s Like Travelling To The Ends Of The Earth.”

Episodes You Might Like:
Travel 2020: Will it ever be the same again?
So ridiculous – themes ostentatious ways to travel
Guide to surviving airports 



Women Who Travel

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For the ladies (and those who want to get a clearer picture of what travel is like for women), this podcast from Condé Nast Traveler editors Tale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey is an honest and unapologetic exposition of the realities female travelers face regularly. It also features inspiring true stories that never fail to empower.

Episodes You Might Like:
The Not-So-Glamorous Side of Solo Travel
Journalist Kim Barker on Work Trips to War Zones
I Traveled Around the World Because of a DNA Test 



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