7 Awesome Dating Spots And Ideas In Taipei

Most of us think that the best romantic destinations are Paris, Venice, or Santorini to name a few. And we wouldn’t lie—those are great options if you want to go with the popular choices. But if you and your bae have a heart for off-beat locations, then you might want to check out these best dating spots in Taipei for quirky couples.



Get Lost in a Book at Eslite Bookstore

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If you’re a couple who loves to read, then you’ll surely love Eslite Bookstore, a popular book chain in Taiwan. But get this: They also have a branch that’s open 24/7! Located in Dunnan, Taipei, this particular store will cater to all the needs of bibliophiles at any time of the day! Curl up with your SO in a corner, and read to your hearts’ delight!



Attend a DIY Class Together

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Doing something meaningful brings all kinds of people together, much so if you’re a couple. So if you and your significant other are eager to learn something new, go and sign up for workshops that will add a skill or two under your belts. In Taiwan, you can try taking a pottery DIY class, a coffee bean roasting and tasting class, and a Taiwanese cooking experience to name a few.



Tour the Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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You and your partner won’t notice time passing when touring the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. There’s probably nothing more romantic than gazing at beautiful paintings while walking hand-in-hand as you move from one gallery to another in a place like a museum. The best part about the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts is that the entrance is free after 5:00 PM and the restaurant in it is open until closing time. You and your partner can get your much-needed time together while surrounded by stunning works of art. 



See the Sunset at Danshui

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One of the most beautiful natural sights in the world is a sunset. With its red-orange and yellow hues painting the horizon, it’s quite something to marvel at, all the more if you’re with your bae.

In Taipei, one of the best places to catch the sunset is Danshui. Take a walk down the Lovers’ Bridge, and take in the spectacular play of colors in the sky.



Hike a Mountain to Get a Panoramic View of the City

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For couples who love the great outdoors, taking the hike up Elephant Mountain, also known as Xiangshan Hiking Trail, in Xinyi District is a definite must. Take the trail together, and in just about 15-20 minutes, you’ll be rewarded with the best panoramic view of the entire city of Taipei. Another option is to rent a bike to reach the lookout view. 



Bike then Seal Your Love at Rainbow Bridge

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Sometimes, cheap thrills make even the simplest moments romantic. Take strolling down the Rainbow Bridge, for example. This attraction in Songshan District lights up in a spectrum of colors and gives couples the opportunity to seal their love with symbolic locks to be attached to a sign that spells “LOVE.”



Take A Walk In Daan Forest Park

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Known as the lungs of Taiwan, Daan Forest Park is made up of 64 acres of green land. With ponds, pavilions, and strolling paths, it’s the perfect setting for a quiet stroll. If the two of you are lucky, you might even chance upon a free show at the amphitheater. You and your SO can also play around the playground or skate on the rink.



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