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5 Things You Should Know About Safex Luggage Storage Service

Picture this: Your plane lands at Incheon International Airport in South Korea. Then your tour starts almost immediately. Another scenario is you want to tour a bit around the city during your layover in Korea. The question is: Where do you leave your luggage safely?

Nowadays, luggage storage and delivery services have become available in most airports around the globe. They offer the ease and convenience of having passengers’ luggage “parked” or delivered to wherever they’re staying.

One such luggage storage service is Safex.

How exactly does it help you? Read on to find out the things you should know about the Safex luggage storage service in Korea.



Online Reservation

For utmost convenience, you can make an online reservation to avail of the services offered by Safex Luggage Storage Service well ahead of your trip to South Korea. And in case you want to change your reservation, you just need to cancel your original reservation then re-book.  


Guaranteed Storage and Delivery 

Secure luggage by Safex
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Safex wants you to be worry-free when traveling. You’re given two options when you reserve online: baggage storage or baggage delivery.

Clicking baggage storage means that your baggage will be stored only from the drop-off time to the pick-up time you indicated in your reservation. You’ll incur additional charges if you fail to pick-up your baggage at your chosen time.

Clicking baggage delivery means that you can drop off your luggage at your chosen Safex location. After that, Safex staff will deliver them to your hotel or guesthouse in Korea. 

Likewise, if you will depart from Korea, you can conveniently pick-up your luggage at your chosen location so that you won’t have to carry it around with you on your way to the airport. Like most delivery services, you will receive real-time tracking and delivery information once your baggage has arrived safely to its destination.


Convenient Locations

Safex at Incheon International Airport
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Safex understands that Incheon International Airport is not the only place where tourists enter Korea. So its services are available in various high-traffic areas in Seoul

Take your pick from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 or 2, Gimpo Airport, Seoul Station, and Hongik University Station. Whatever location you choose, Safex claims your luggage will stay safe and sound or get to wherever you are in Korea.



Reasonable Rates 

Budget travelers will be glad to know that the services of Safex come at prices that won’t break the bank. The rates differ for every bag sizesmall, medium, large, and extra-large—and the kind of service you will avail. That’s why it’s important that you check your bag size correctly. If the size is different from what you paid for, you’ll be charged extra.

Prices start at 2.28 USD for 4 hours. 



Safe and Secure

Safex runs its storage services with the help of its crew that secures every single piece of luggage at their designated locations. Plus, because reservations are done online, you get to track where your luggage is going.     


Safex has now resolved the luggage conundrum that each traveler experiences. Book the Safex Luggage Storage Service and Safex Luggage Delivery Service on KKday now!



*Featured image from KKday Supplier