South Korea Has A Magnolia Festival And It’s The Next Best Thing To Cherry Blossoms

When trees burst into colorful blooms in spring, travelers head to South Korea. It’s the perfect time of the year for a Korean vacation with clear skies, warmer Seoul temperatures, and great chances of witnessing the cherry blossoms in spectacular bloom. Every year, people from all over the world flock to the country’s parks, palaces, and festivals to see the country transform into a cherry paradise.

Here’s the thing: there’s so much to enjoy in springtime beyond the pretty pink hues of the cherry blossom forests. Spring in Korea sets the scene for blooming season, not just for cherry trees, but also for other types of flora—such as magnolia.



Magnolia Festival In Taean 

Magnolia Festival In Taean 
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One of the more underrated bloom-related festivals in South Korea is Taean’s Cheollipo Arboretum Magnolia Festival, held every year in the second half of April.

In 2020, the festival will be from April 17 to 26. It will be primarily at the Cheollipo Arboretum’s Miller Garden, where there are more than 100 different classifications of magnolia to delight botanists.


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Exploring the arboretum as the flora erupts in color and life during spring is an unforgettable experience, but there are plenty of other things to do in Cheollipo Arboretum during this flower festival. Tourists can enjoy attending the panel, snapping images at the photo zone, sampling tea, and even shopping for souvenirs and magnolia seedlings on site.  



The Beautiful Cheollipo Arboretum

Cheollipo Arboretum
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Found in the county of Taean, Cheollipo Arboretum is a botanical lover’s dream with more than 15,000 species of flora from 60 countries. It was built by Carl Ferris Miller, an American banker with no formal training in botany, but dedicated the last few decades of his life to creating the arboretum.

It’s one of Asia’s best botanical establishments and a must-see for anyone in the region. The public can access a limited part of the 64-hectare coastal garden to see the globally renowned collection of magnolias, camellias, maple, and more.  

Besides from the Taean Magnolia Festival, the Cheollipo Arboretum also holds the Taean Tulip Festival annually. It’s usually held in spring as well.


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Interested in witnessing the exquisite blooms at the Taean Magnolia Festival? Book a day tour with KKday and bask in the beauty of Cheollipo Arboretum in spring. After visiting the arboretum, stop by Manripo Beach, known as one of the most beautiful beaches in South Korea, then end the day at a local farm for strawberry picking.



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