2020 South Korea Cherry Blossom Forecast—When To Go And Where To See The Blooms

Cherry blossom season is just around the corner! And among the best places in Asia to catch the soft pink flowers in full bloom is South Korea

The peninsula bursts in pink during the springtime (usually, between late March to early April), with tufts of the delicate blossoms forming picture-perfect clouds on trees. And when the wind blows, the tiny petals dramatically cascade down from the branches. 

While the Korean Meteorological Administration has yet to release the official forecast (word is, they’ll announce it by early March!), locals are already expecting to see an explosion of pink on these dates:



Jeju Island

Cherry Blossom in Jeju Island South Korea
URAIWONS via Shutterstock

Jeju Island is a natural wonder in itself. And come spring, it gets even more stunning. This popular holiday destination among Koreans and foreigners alike is home to King Cherry Trees, which have some of the biggest and most rare cherry blossoms around. They dot the entire island, and they’re rather hard to miss when you see them. But for the ultimate viewing experience, head on over to downtown Seogwipo, Jeju Island’s second-largest city, where you will find these pink trees lining both sides of the road, as spring celebrations come in full swing. 

March 23-30 (Full Bloom: March 23)

Catch: The Annual Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival (end of March to early April)




Busan Cherry Blossom
Panwasin Seemala on Shutterstock

Busan boasts pretty and pink cherry trees in spring, but its neighbor Changwon takes the spotlight during this season. The host of the annual Jinhae Gunhangje Festival a.k.a. South Korea’s biggest cherry blossom festival, Changwon will treat you to some of the most picturesque views of cherry blossoms in the country. Walk by the romantic Yeojwacheon Stream and check out Gyeonghwa station, where cherry trees stretch as far as the eye can see alongside the railroad. 

March 26-April 2 (Full Bloom: March 26)

Catch: The Jinhae Gunhangje Festival (March 30 to April 6)




Gwangju South Korea Cherry Blossom Season
Amankgupta on Shutterstock

This city in Jeolla province has several viewing spots for cherry blossoms. Take a leisurely stroll in Yangshan Lake Park or around Uncheon Reservoir or take in all the youthful energy in Chosen University. 

March 29-April 5 (Full Bloom: March 29)




Daegu Cherry Blossom Landscape
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The concentration of Daegu’s cherry trees Dalseo-gu, surrounding Daegu E-World, an 83-story radio tower that features an observation deck, eatery and cafe. Make your visit even more memorable by opting for a night tour and watch the cherry blossoms dress in different colors under multi-colored lights. 

March 26-April 2 (Full Bloom: March 26)




Cherry Blossom in Seoul
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The capital city doesn’t shy away from flaunting its spring colors, and among the best places to catch cherry blossoms in the metro is at Yeouido Park. This popular recreational park by the Han River serves as home to over 18,000 cherry trees—it’s no surprise that it hosts the annual Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival!

April 6-13 (Full Bloom: April 6)

Catch: The Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival (Early April)




Sakura Tree in Incheon South Korea
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Incheon has some of the most romantic parks in springtime. A famous destination is Jayu Park, where a canopy of cherry blossoms bloom over staircases. Another must-visit is the Incheon Grand Park. Take a picnic under the cherry trees or ride a bike and cycle around the park as it flushes in light pink hues.

April 9-15 (Full Bloom: April 9)



Check back in for updates on South Korea’s cherry blossom forecast!



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*Featured image from Avigator Fortuner on Shutterstock