Nantou’s Cherry Blossom Festival Is Coming Up and You Don’t Want to Miss It

You can always find an exciting place, new adventures, or sceneries in Taiwan regardless of the season, but it is in spring, generally from February to March, that magical things happen. We’re talking about the country’s largest cherry blossom event, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Nantou, Taiwan.

When you travel to Nantou, quietly nestled in the heart of Taiwan, you may see it as a tapestry of nature’s wonders, from mountainous landscapes to beautiful bodies of water, such as the Sun Moon Lake. The best time to visit Taiwan is between February 1 and March 10, where festival-related activities take place in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Held since 2001, the Cherry Blossom Festival highlights over 3,000 cherry trees in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Each of the cherry trees is accentuated by a lamplight, resulting in an enchanting, romantic display of cherry blossoms that steal both the hearts and eyes of locals and tourists.

Inside the village, you can fully appreciate the cherry blossoms at the Cherry Blossom Boulevard, which is an open field that comes after the Spanish Coast and just before the Sky Garden. These cherry blossoms are called Multiple Petals Taiwan Cherry, also named Peony Cherry. In full blossom, these flowers are in their peak color and paint the trees red. This results to the road being a lovely cherry path. You can also view the cherry blossoms at night with the help of light carving, which shapes a path with lights in different brightness and colors.



Activities You Can Enjoy in the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
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Hop on the cable car called Skyline inside the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village theme park. From the cabin, you can soak in panoramic views of aboriginal villages surrounded by emerald green trees as well as peaks and lows of mountains in the background. The ride can take you to the village’s Amusement Isle.

You can find Taiwan’s first suspended roller coaster and tallest free-fall ride inside the Formosan amusement park. Try exhilarating rides like the UFO drop ride, Mayan Adventure roller coaster, Flying Boat, Gold Mine Adventure, and Caribbean Splash log fume. 


Formosan amusement park roller coaster
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You can also learn about the aboriginal groups represented within the park, such as the Bunun, Atayal, Rukai, Saisiyat, Tsou, Paiwan, Puyuma, Yami/Tao, Amis, and the local Thao/Ngan, through music shows, cultural dances, and craft demonstrations.

You will enjoy watching the aboriginal folk dance show performed by native aborigines at the Naruwan Theatre, a venue dedicated to ethnic performances. You will be invited to participate in on-stage activities. On the other hand, the Pestle Music Theatre showcases performances of traditional aboriginal instruments while the Culture Square is for the welcome and farewell show. 

Choose from the different restaurants inside the park, such as the Ritz Palace Restaurant, the Gold Mine Restaurant for Western dishes, Aladdin Plaza Café for snacks, the Maya Restaurant for Mexican food, the Lupit Burgers Shop for fast food, and Mushroom Cottage for affordable Taiwanese food. Don’t miss the traditional aboriginal foods in the Aboriginal Village area. 


Cable car with view of lake
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You can reach the Sun Moon Lake from the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village through the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway gondola cable car service. It is a ride you can enjoy while looking over the picturesque lake. The aboriginal Thao tribe lives around the lake, and at its center is the Lalu Island, where aboriginal religious practices are held and off-limits to the public. 

Gaze at lovely cherry blossoms in spring and tag your family to experience the most amazing theme park adventure in Taiwan. Book your Taiwan Sun Moon Lake & Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Cherry Blossom Festival Ticket here

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