Travel Resolutions You Should Keep This 2020

Planning your adventures for the holidays and long weekends of 2020 will be more exciting if you step out of your comfort zone. While there are familiar destinations, you can try new activities and uncover hidden gems. This is also the best time to reflect on experiences that shape you as a traveler and find out what else you can explore next year. So, here are the travel resolutions you should keep this 2020. 



Seek Unique Experiences

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When you travel, you can always approach places with a fresh pair of eyes. While it is lovely to tour a city under the sun, exploring it at night creates more excitement. For example, when you go out in Singapore at night, the streets can give you a magical vibe with lights, food stalls, and music. You can also watch a laser show, meet nocturnal animals, and discover clubs and bars. 

Collect one-of-a-kind memories. Go ice fishing in Chuncheon, Korea, learn about espionage in the highly interactive German Spy Museum in Germany, or ride a traditional Ding Ding tram and a sampan boat to explore Hong Kong.


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

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Traveling can reveal your hidden skills and how far you can go. Revisit your bucket list and make a few changes, like take a flying class in New York under the supervision of FAA-authorized instructors and bring home a flight certificate. Taste the different exotic street foods in Southeast Asia, from balut in the Philippines to snake wine in Vietnam. Find yourself in a free fall at Nevis Bungy, New Zealand’s highest bungee jumping site.

While it is exciting and convenient to explore vibrant megacities, you can also take a break from its hustle and bustle by going beyond its roads and escaping to nearby provinces. For example, if you are in Osaka, you can embark on a day tour in Wakayama to see Mount Koya, ancient architecture, and peaceful views of nature. Your round-trip transportation will pick you up and drop you off in Osaka after the tour. 



Don’t Let Stress Ruin Your Trip 

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You travel to free yourself from everyday stress and routine. To ensure smooth travel, the key is preparation. We’re not just talking about booking tours and flights here; preparing yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally can do wonders. 

If packing feels like a chore, why not do it differently next year? Planning your daily outfits, bringing flexible footwear, using packing cubes are among the best travel packing hacks you can try. 

Are airplane flights always uncomfortable? Create your personal distractions: bring a book, order a nice cup of tea or coffee, or use a neck pillow. Practice staying calm whenever there is a situation that challenges airplane etiquette.  



Be Conscious of Your Health and Wellness

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Traveling requires you to be physically fit whether you are on walking tours in Europe or simply climbing stairs to reach a temple in Japan. You can book activities that will stretch your muscles while enjoying the activity at the same time.

You can join the Braco Hike and Bike Excursion in Braco, Jamaica, try different water sports or attend a yoga session in Bali, or go skiing in Japan.



Start a New Hobby

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It’s never too late to start a new hobby. What if you discover one while traveling and it develops into a passion? Taiwan has a lot of unique workshops you will enjoy. Learn how to create a hand-made leather purse, wallet, or handbag at the Be Two Leather Workshop in Taichung, Taiwan. Build wooden lamps other wares at a woodcraft DIY course or make your own bead jewelry

Join an incredible crafts tour in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and learn how to bake, draw on glass, and make dolls, pots, and jewelry. See if you have a culinary talent by participating in a cooking class in Istanbul, Turkey or a Thai Cooking Class and Local Market Tour in Thailand.



Pause and Reflect

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It’s also good to have a quiet private time for reflection while traveling. If you’re in Japan during autumn, you can stroll in parks and mountains where there are dramatic views of maple leaves. Fall in love with nature destinations in Korea that are filled with breathtaking landscapes, beaches, and green fields.


Ready to travel the world in 2020? What is your first destination?



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