Fun Food Tours You Can Take In Singapore

Exploring Singapore is bound to leave you hungry at some point during the day. But don’t worry about missing out on your urban adventure. Continue learning about the city and discovering new things by going on a food tour around Singapore. Get a taste of Singaporean food and local cuisine as you walk through the streets and take in new sights. Put on your walking shoes and check out some of these food tours around Singapore.



Roam Local Hawker Centers

singapore hawker food tour
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Singapore’s food scene is dominated by the existence of hawker centers. These food courts are packed with stalls that serve up all kinds of local dishes at very affordable prices. But with the number of choices available, managing your time and appetite can prove to be a challenge.

For hawker center beginners, book a hawker food tour where a guide can tell you more about Singapore’s hawker scene and even try the cheapest Michelin star meal found in Singapore’s Chinatown.

If one hawker center isn’t enough or you want to go at your own pace, ask a local for their hawker center recommendations. The easiest way to figure out if a stall is good is to look at the lines in front of it. The longer the line, the more likely they serve great food. Get to know some popular hawker centers in the city and see what you can grab for your next meal.



Hop On A Ride

Singapore Hop On Hop Off
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Getting tired of being on your feet all day? Don’t let that stop you from sampling new foods. There are ways for you to continue exploring the city’s landmarks while also getting to taste its specialties.

Pedal through the streets of Singapore on this Bikes & Bites food tour. You can rent a bike and follow a local guide who will teach you about various neighborhoods around Singapore and lead you to some of the best snacks around the city.

You can also opt for a bus tour around the island so that you can sit down and enjoy all the sights of the city. Get on the GOURMETbus and have a guided tour of several attractions around town while also stopping by some incredible restaurants for signature Singaporean food. Choose between lunch or dinner and have a taste of Singapore’s fine dining scene.



Go Out Into The Night

Satay At Night
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Your culinary adventure doesn’t have to stop after the sunsets. In fact, there are even more things to enjoy as the evening draws near.

Beer lovers can learn about the history and brewing of Singapore’s very own Tiger Beer. Take a tour through the brewery to see what goes into creating the drink and sample a few different types of beer after you walk through the factory.


Tiger Brewery Tour
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Experience Singapore’s buzzing night scene and try some street food through a guided nightlife tour. Grab some snacks under the brilliant night sky and enjoy the scenic skyline as it lights up for the night. Your guide will also show you some of the best places to catch a drink or dance your heart out in the city.



Whatever you plan on your trip, be sure you don’t miss out on the wonderful culinary culture in Singapore. Prepare your appetite and have a taste of this city’s offerings.



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