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Reasons Why You Should Invest in A Good Suitcase

You’ve packed everything you need for the trip. You’ve secured an awesome flight deal, booked the coziest accommodation, and come up with an exciting itinerary. Everything has been going well until you noticed that the zipper of your suitcase is broken, and your clothes are peeking out of the gap as you transit in a foreign country. Oh, the horror!

It may be because your suitcase has had its time with you and your journeys or because it’s a cheap one—something you scrimped on so you can use your extra money on something else for your trip. Either way, you will need a new suitcase, and this time, make sure that you’re getting one that is of good quality. Here are some reasons why:



Great Storage and Stitches

When choosing the best travel luggage, make sure it has enough space for all the things you will bring, from clothes to important documents. For example, if you are traveling to Japan in winter, you will need an interior that’s expandable because of the coats, jackets, gloves, and winter hats that you will bring. 

A good luggage should have adequate pockets inside the bag—to separate certain items–and outside the bag—to easily access the things you often need but not too important that they may attract thieves, like towels, fan, or earphones. 

A good luggage should also have strong stitches and must be made of materials that won’t tear easily. This way, the compartments can safely accommodate items other than fabric, such as cellphone chargers, slippers, water bottle, or gadgets.



Ready for the Road

If you’re going to explore the cobblestone alleys of Girona in Spain, the wheels of your luggage must be sturdy enough. Some wheels can spin 360 degrees, making them easier to maneuver and drag even on rough pathways and longer trips. 

Whether you’re going to Taiwan where rain is common or embark on a desert tour in Dubai, your luggage should be impact-resistant. While you can’t completely protect your bag from the effect of rain or humidity, high-quality luggage won’t easily fall apart.



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You want a travel bag that will last longer. Since first-rate luggage brands meet higher standards when it comes to materials, style, and functionality, they can last longer. Some of the highly recommended brands are Samsonite luggage and Delsey luggage. Samsonite offers elegant lifestyle luggage and superior bags for professionals. The brand promotes proper bag cleaning, which involves the use of a gentle soap and warm water. Security is also a priority for Samsonite because some of its models have a lock system available. On the other hand, Delsey is known for its stylish luggage, with its trendy designs and bright colors. Delsey luggage is made according to stringent quality controls. They also offer a 10-year or lifetime warranty from the date of purchase.




When you buy luggage from reputable brands, you can enjoy peace of mind because they come with warranties. Some brands also have authorized service centers that can perform repairs so you can be assured that your luggage will be taken care of by specialists. 


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Stress-free Transport

You travel to get rid of stress, so don’t let stress hound you when traveling. When you’re in an exciting country, the last thing you want to do is to fix the stuck handle of your bag. You’d rather soak in the beautiful sceneries than stay on a corner, repairing the broken wheel of your luggage. The worse scenario is when you’re in motion in a crowded space, like transferring from one train station to another, and your clothes and other essentials spill out of your bag because of its broken zipper. Choosing high-quality luggage can save you from embarrassment and stress.



Precious Time

Having luggage with broken parts means you have to find ways or help to fix it. This also means you will lose the time you should be spending on traveling. This inconvenient situation may also cause delays or missed opportunities during your trip. Substandard and unstable luggage comes with trouble. Don’t settle and choose the best luggage that will make your trip worth every minute! 



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