Things to Do at Sun Moon Lake and Around

Taking a break from touring the major attractions in Taiwan? Head to Yuchi Township in Nantou County and draw in the breeze above the untroubled waters of Sun Moon Lake. Surrounded by the thick greens of Central Mountain Range, the 748-meter lake is shaped like a sun on the east side and moon on the west side, hence its name. 

Tucked away in the middle of an island, Sun Moon Lake is a force that brings energy to everything around it. We’ve rounded up the activities and attractions you can explore in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.



Rent a Bike 

Bike through the cycling path around the lake. There are lots of bike rental shops in the area, and the rental fee starts at NT$200. 


Take a Boat Ride

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What better way to get close to the majestic waters and feel its movement than to ride a boat? Travel between the three main piers: Shuishe Pier, Ita Thao Pier, and Xuanguang Pier. Sail past endless lush forests that are occasionally interrupted by buildings, temples, and pathways. 


Hop on a Cable Car at the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

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The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway connects Sun Moon Lake and the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village. The seven-minute ride will give you sweeping views of the lake and dense foothills that seem like big, uneven sea waves from your seat.


Explore a Tea Farm in Sun Moon Lake

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Built around 1959, Antique Assam Tea Farm in Sun Moon Lake is famous for the Assam black tea. The main structure in the site is a facility with walls almost covered by vines. You can buy different types of tea, bottles of iced tea, tea-flavored goods, and local foods from the gift shop. You will find an old tea processing equipment inside the building too.


View the Sun Moon Lake from Ci’en Pagoda

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If you can’t get enough of the picture-postcard Sun Moon Lake, see it from Ci-en Pagoda, a statuesque tower overlooking the water and the Lalu Island. At the bottom of the structure are gorgeous trees and flowers that make the walk to the pagoda easier and a sight to behold.


Visit the Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple

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The Wen Wu Temple, standing on the north of Sun Moon Lake since 1938, has halls dedicated to First Ancestor Kaiji, the God of Literature; Guan Gong, the God of War; the warrior-God Yue Fei, and Confucius. You know you have reached the temple when you see male and female Chinese guardian lions in front of the structure. 


Journey to Ita Thao Sun Moon Lake

Witness Thao performances and cultural exhibitions in Ita Thao, a tourist village brimming with aboriginal traditions. Aside from restaurants and shops, you will enjoy exploring the food stalls in the area and its vibrant night market.


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Marvel at the Xiangshan Visitor Center in Sun Moon Lake

This unmissable architectural feat will offer you spectacular views of the Sun Moon Lake. You can also relax at the cafe and explore a small museum about the surrounding ecology. This massive sleek gray structure was designed by Tokyo architects Norihiko Dan and Associates.


Dine and Shop at Shuishe Sun Moon Lake

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From hotels to retail shops, Shuishe Shopping Area is an ideal spot for shoppers and travelers looking for convenience and lively atmosphere. Shuishe is a major area for locals and Sun Moon Lake tourists because this is where most buses arrive and depart, the starting point of the Sun Moon Lake Mass Swim, and home to different restaurants featuring Taiwanese delicacies.



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