Your Best Keelung 1-Day Itinerary

As a major port city rich in culture and sceneries, Keelung can be considered the Busan of Taiwan. Nestled in the northeastern part of Taiwan, Keelung is called the Rainy Port because of frequent rains in the city. It is also the second-largest seaport in the country. Take a break from Taiwan’s busiest tourist spots and spend a day in Keelung. To maximize your time, here are different itineraries you can choose from based on your travel preferences.


Keelung 1-Day Itinerary: Stroll on Trails and Parks

Shen’ao Rail Bike

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The special bike riding program will take you along the old railway line between Badouzi station and Shen’ao station. A project by the New Taipei City Government and Taiwan Railways Administration, your bicycle ride will pass by murals, a tunnel with LED lights, mine pit ruins, and panoramic views of nature.



Bitoujiao Trail

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Known the “Little Great Wall”, the Bitoujiao Trail is 3.5 kilometers in length and has a ring-shaped system. You can finish it in two to three hours. You can walk along the ridge and soak in the breathtaking views in all directions. 



Chaojing Park

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You will appreciate this cultural and creative park because it will offer you the best sea view and unique installation artworks to marvel at, such as flying fishes, big birds, huge doughnuts and giant chairs.



Elephant Trunk Rock

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The enormous rock shaped like the trunk of an elephant drinking water has become one of Taiwan’s best-hidden spots.

If you still have time in the evening, you can go straight to Keelung Night Market, where you can find the best seafood dishes, from crab sticky rice to barbecue squid and cuttlefish.


If you’re up for this adventure, then the One-Day Keelung North Coast Tour is for you.




Keelung 1-Day Itinerary: Explore the Fishing Harbor

Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor

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Explore the Venice of Taiwan, and its fishing port and colorful edifices are your instant Instagram backdrops. 



Agenna Shipyard

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An abandoned place located next to Heping Bridge, Agenna Shipyard has become an interesting spot for tourists as well as photography enthusiasts. The shipyard also became popular when Hollywood celebrity Chris Evans filmed a game trailer in this ruin.



Heping Island

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If you’re into diving and sea fishing, then Heping Island is for you. Formerly Sheliao Island, Heping Island is now a coastal park that features a swimming pool, tour track, tourism service center, and dining.



Wangyou Valley

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Allot one hour to hike on the Wangyou Valley trail. At the top, you can enjoy the incredible views of the sea, mountains, and fishing ports.

Cap your Keelung Private Chartered Day Tour with a trip to Rong-Xuan Pavilion.



Keelung 1-Day Itinerary: Enter Caves and Houses

Fairy Cave

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Charming surprises await inside the Fairy Cave, such as carvings of the Buddhist kōan’s, poems and sayings. You may also find a Hidden Buddha standing less than 30 centimeters tall inside a small cave pathway.

The Buddha Hand Cave

Lying just beside the Fairy Cave, the Buddha Hand Cave emits a mysterious vibe because of the dim lights and endless passageway. As you reach the end of the cave, you’ll see the big ripple marks that appear like the five fingers of a hand.



Khóo Tsú-Song Old House

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Your Keelung trip will be more meaningful with a tour to the house of Khóo Tsú-song (1874-1945), a prominent Taiwanese who had been in charge of Keelung city as well as Taipei province during the Japanese period. 



Daping Shore

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You should not miss the astonishing sea caves and tofu rocks on the Daping Shore. You can take in the lovely view of the sea while observing fish and crabs in the intertidal zone.  



Chaojing Park

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If you want nature, activities, and stunning views in one place, do not skip Chaojing Park. It has a Changtan Fishing Village, sculptures, scenery viewing chairs, and a fountain. Chaojing Park is the perfect way to conclude your Keelung Private Chartered Day Tour from Taipei.



Are you excited about Keelung? Which is the best itinerary for you?