What You Can Do With Your Osaka Amazing Pass

Osaka is a lively, dazzling city known for its mouthwatering dishes, irresistible shopping opportunities, and historical and architectural landmarks. One can spend weeks roaming the city without ever running out of attractions to explore.  

 But what if you’re just passing through?

 With the Osaka Amazing Pass, travelers are granted free entry to about 40 spots as well as unlimited rides on trains and buses for either one or two days. It is hands down the best value tourist pass you can get your hands on. Here are just some of the best things you can do with your Osaka Amazing Pass in one of Japan’s most captivating cities.



Explore the Osaka Castle Area

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Osaka may be a bustling metropolis, but the iconic Osaka Castle Area sits on a quiet oasis at the city’s heart. Built in 1583, the castle and its grounds are now one of the most popular sightseeing spots in the city. 

Learn more about the history of the famous castle inside, now turned into the Osaka Castle Museum. Gaze out the windows and take in the tranquil views of the castle grounds and beyond. Step outside for a stroll around the Nishinomaru Garden or hop on a classic Japanese boat with your Osaka Amazing Pass to cruise on the moat and enjoy a new perspective on Osaka Castle Museum.



Meet Exotic Animals at Osaka Tennoji Zoo

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The 11-hectare Osaka Tennoji Zoo is the third ever museum set up in Japan more than 90 years ago. Now, roughly 1,000 individual animals of 200 different species live at the zoo, including lions, hippos, koalas, and New Zealand kiwis.

To provide a peek at the natural world as well as to keep the animals comfortable, the museum staff does its best to provide an environment as close to the animals’ natural habitats as possible.



Have a Magical Experience at Illusion Museum

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Another experience that can be shared by the entire family is a trip to the Illusion Museum in Osaka. Be charmed by the museum that showcases the magic and tricks from all over the world.

The Illusion Museum is also known for staging a magic show, but this may require a separate fee.



Shitennoji Temple

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Founded in 593, Shitennoji Temple is one of the oldest temples in Japan and was actually the first one ever built by the state. While it has been destroyed numerous times over its thousand-year existence, it has been faithfully fixed and reconstructed to its original appearance. 

Stroll through the ancient temple grounds to the treasure house where exhibits of precious paintings, scriptures, and other valuables are displayed. Bask in the pristine Gokuraku-jodo Garden, which was created to reflect the Western Paradise of the Amida Buddha.



Marvel at the Views From Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory

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While it’s just the 19th tallest building in Osaka, Umeda Sky Building is a popular tourist spot for its Floating Garden Observatory. The building’s two skyscrapers are joined together at the two topmost floors. This bridge is used as a pretty garden observatory where locals and travelers can come enjoy stunning views of Osaka.



Hop on a Ferris Wheel

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Escape the city for a moment and go for a spin on the HEP FIVE. The eye-catching red ferris wheel is found on the roof of the HEP Five mall and it’s the perfect way to wind down the day. Play tunes with the portable speaker on each carriage and enjoy looking over the cityscape with the Osaka Harbor and Mount Ikoma in the distance. 

A ride on HEP FIVE is only 15 minutes, so whether you’re staying a day or two in Osaka, you’ll definitely have a little time to chill out and enjoy a bird’s eye view from this ferris wheel.



Ride Unlimited Trains and Buses

With unlimited transportation at your fingertips, you can easily access all of Osaka’s top attractions at no extra cost. Book a hotel with close access to these rides, so you can save time and money during your limited time in the city.



Experience all these Osaka hotspots and more for free with the 1-Day or 2-Day Osaka Amazing Pass. Book now with KKday and make the most of your Osaka adventure!