Best Sunrise Spots in Taiwan

Up for an early morning sightseeing adventure? There’s nothing like starting the day watching the sun peek out over the horizon, painting the sky in an array of beautiful hues.

In Taiwan, there are several famous spots known specifically for offering a glimpse of the sunrise. Sure, you always need a little bit of luck to witness a good one, but these five destinations offer the best chances—and ultimately, the best views—of experiencing an unforgettable sunrise in Taiwan.




Edwin Rios via Flickr

One of the most popular attractions in Taiwan is Alishan or Mt. Ali. It’s a worthwhile stop known for many things, including hiking, Alishan Forest Railway, and its famous high mountain oolong tea.

Alishan is also the perfect spot for tourists who want to experience an idyllic sunrise to kick off their trip. Here, the sun will take your breath away as it rises slowly over a thick sea of clouds blanketing the mountains.

Hop on the Alishan Forest Railway to reach Zhushan, the most popular tourist spot to see the sunrise in Alishan. If you want a quieter spot to watch the sunrise, trek 15 minutes to Mt. Ogasawara where you’ll find fewer people enjoying an unobstructed view.  

For a leisurely experience, book a two-day tour of Alishan to stay overnight at the mountain township. Take a quick trip to Zhushan the next day for the sunrise.



Elephant Mountain

Heikki Holstila via Flickr

If you’re only in Taipei for the weekend or a quick vacation, you can still get your sunrise fix with a visit to Elephant Mountain. Known officially as Xiangshan, the mountain is found in Xinyi District, Taipei. Its close proximity to the city center makes it a popular attraction, especially for tourists who are eager to catch the best view of Taipei.

Most people trek the mountain in the afternoon for the sunset, but the views are just as stunning at dawn when it’s much less crowded. Watch as the first rays of sunlight shine over the city that’s only just stirring to life.

It only takes less than an hour to hike up to the Xiangshan viewing stations, but the stairs are quite steep so be prepared for a workout before getting rewarded with a spectacular view at the top.




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Hehuanshan or Hehuan Mountain rises more than 3,000 meters in Central Taiwan, a rarity among mountains in Taiwan. As one of the highest mountains in the state, it offers a sweeping scenery of the countryside at the top. 

Wake up early and trek about a kilometer up to Hehuanshan Main Peak. It offers one of the best vantage points, so you can sit back and witness an awe-inspiring sunrise bathing the rolling hills and sea of clouds in a soft morning glow. 

As high as Hehuanshan is, the hike is manageable for anyone from beginners to experienced athletes. Try to visit during the dry season to boost your chances of clear skies and a beautiful sunrise.

Don’t know where to start? Book a worry-free sunrise tour of Hehuan Mountain with KKday for spellbinding views from the best spots in the mountain.




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Escape the hustles and bustles of the metro to enjoy the peace of Yangmingshan National Park. Famous for hot springs, sulfur crystals, and amazing landscape views, Yangmingshan is among the best day tours to take from Taipei City. 

Travel in the morning to catch a glorious sunrise at Datun Air Navigation Station, the most popular sunrise spot in the park. Bask in the fresh morning air and gently lit skies before going on to explore the rest of the park, like the lava terraces of Qingtiangang and steaming sulfur vents of Xiaoyoukeng. 

Discover all the natural attractions of Yangmingshan National Park with a private day tour from Taipei.




Angus Wong via Flickr

Venture out for a different type of sunrise excursion at Sanxiantai, an island best known for the unique eight-humped footbridge. While it remains an uninhabited natural reserve, Sanxiantai receives a constant stream of visitors exploring the unspoiled fauna on the island.

The isolated isle is a picturesque sight all hours of the day, but it’s especially stunning in the morning as the sun begins to appear over the Pacific Ocean.