The Most Haunted Places In The Philippines

Everybody loves a spine-chilling ghost story. It is part of the Filipino culture. When Halloween is near, people want to hear about the lady in white lurking on the side of the road, wails echoing in abandoned buildings, and movements around a Balete tree in a quiet, windless evening. 

These stories exist in different types of places, such as schools, government institutions, and even tourist attractions in the Philippines. If you’re ready for these, make sure your light is on and no dark figure is standing outside your window as you read about the most haunted places in the Philippines. 



Balete Drive

There are roads that must not be taken alone, like Balete Drive in Quezon City. They say the white lady that is often spotted here is the ghost of a girl who was killed in a car accident, but some believe it was a young lady who died during the Spanish colonial era.



Judgefloro via Wikimedia Commons



Loakan Road

Going to Baguio? Don’t say you were not warned about this road along Scout Barrio Barangay and headed to the Philippine Military Academy area. While the road seems to be surrounded by nature, it also serves as the territory of a white lady. There’s a story circulating about a taxi driver who picked up a lady in white on Loakan Road. The lady asked to be taken to the third cemetery (possibly the Filipino-American cemetery where World War II soldiers were buried). Before they even reached the site, the driver took a glance at the rearview mirror and the lady was no longer there!



Kalayaan Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman

While taking the UPCAT seems terrifying enough, wait till you walk along the corridors of Kalayaan Hall, a residence hall exclusive for freshmen. There’s a story about a Kalayaan resident assistant who called out to a girl because she might slip in the puddle of water in the hallway, but the girl just kept walking to her room. The assistant followed the girl but when she opened the door of the girl’s room, she found no one inside.



College of Nursing, Bicol University

There’s a story shared online about a freshman who asked her friends to wait in the lobby after their 8 PM class because she had to go to the bathroom. While washing her hands, the cubicle door swung open, but she ignored it and went back to her friends. She saw one of them from a distance talking to herself. Approaching them, she noticed that her friend looked pale and asked her if they could go to their cathedral. This friend said a girl approached her, dressed exactly like her, the one who went to the bathroom and said to the friend in Spanish saying, “I like her. Your friend in the comfort room, she’s beautiful.”



Malacañang Palace

The spectral experience here may seem more like a privilege than haunting for some because people report seeing the ghosts of former presidents. Although, some employees also claim they saw a woman dressed in black looking out a window.



via Official Gazette of the Philippines



Clark Air Base Hospital in Angeles, Pampanga 

This abandoned hospital served as an asylum to the wounded and dying soldiers during the Second World War and the Vietnam War. Both locals and supernatural experts claim that the premises are filled with paranormal activities and restless spirits. 



Herrera Mansion (Tiaong Stone House) in Tiaong, Quezon 

Locals reported seeing an elderly couple walking around the house, headless soldiers near the fate, and the sound of chains being moved around in the house.



Bahay na Pula in San Ildefonso, Bulacan 

Wearing the colors of blood and rust, Bahay na Pula became a base for Japanese soldiers, who killed Filipino guerrillas and raped local women. People living near the house say they hear wailing and screams for help as well as Japanese soldiers marching around the area.



Andrew Martin via Wikimedia Commons



Malinta Tunnel in Corregidor 

Mysterious shadows, noises, and shifting temperatures continue to shroud this tunnel, where many soldiers from World War II died. 



Teacher’s Camp in Baguio City 

This is usually rented for corporate trainings and conferences during the day. We’re just not sure who’d hold such events at night because of reported footsteps, wailing, and shadows interrupting the moonlight on walls. 



Balay Negrense in Negros Occidental 

This ancestral house is being maintained as a tourist destination and a museum at the same time. Just a piece of advice if you’re coming here: don’t look in any of the mirrors, as you might see a supernatural apparition.



Rachel Leyritana via Wikimedia Commons



Laperal White House in Baguio City 

Before it became the venue for the Philippine Bamboo Foundation’s Ifugao Bamboo Carvings Exhibit, the Laperal White House was filled with mysteries. Caretakers reported seeing a woman in white and a little girl inside the house.



KisekiLacroix via Wikimedia Commons