Get To Know The Unlimited Taipei Fun Pass—Your Must-Have Ticket To Taiwan’s Exciting Capital

A lot of cities have their version of the golden ticket—y’know, an (almost) all-encompassing pass that can be used for public transportation and tourist attractions. 

South Korea’s capital Seoul has the Discover Seoul Pass (which even has a BTS special edition card!), while Japan’s popular foodie destination Osaka has the Osaka Amazing Pass. For Taipei, on the other hand, it’s the Taipei Fun Pass, and if you haven’t heard of this awesome Taiwan travel essential yet, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you should know about the Taipei Fun Pass: 



The Taipei Fun Pass

The Taipei Fun Pass definitely doesn’t take “fun” lightly. It helps you maximize your Taipei trip in the simplest possible way. With the unlimited card, you are entitled to limitless rides on the Taipei Metro, city buses, and five Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes. You also get to save up to 60% on public transportation fares and admission fees to over a dozen top tourist attractions in the city, including Yehliu Geopark, the Taipei 101 Observatory and the National Palace Museum—among many others. Now, if you love shopping, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Taipei Fun Pass also treats you to a variety of discounts from hundreds of selected stores! 

There two other variants of the Taipei Fun Pass are specifically made for exploring (Explore) and budget travel (Classic). The Explore Taipei Fun Pass covers admissions to more attractions, while the Classic Taipei Fun Pass gives you access to Taipei 101 and the National Palace Museum at a comparably lower price. Both cards won’t entitle you to unlimited rides on Taipei’s public transportation, but they are rechargeable or reloadable.



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How Much Is It?

The prices of the Unlimited Taipei Fun Pass vary, depending on the duration of validity of the pass you choose to purchase. In terms of the length of validity, this pass can be valid for 1 to 3 days from the day of activation. The 1-Day pass is priced at 1,200TWD, the 2-Day Pass at 1,600TWD, and the 3-Day Pass at 1,900TWD. 

You may book your Taipei Fun Pass here!



Taipei Fun Pass or EasyCard?

The main difference between the Unlimited Taipei Fun Pass and EasyCard is the coverage of each pass. The Unlimited Taipei Fun Pass doesn’t just cover public transportation, but also admission fees to major attractions in the Taiwanese capital, whereas the EasyCard is basically a rechargeable transit card, which you can also use to pay for purchases at partner stores and establishments. A similar transit/cash card is the iPass, which you can use in any corner of Taiwan.



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1-Day Taipei Itinerary

Begin your Taipei adventure with a filling Taiwanese breakfast to fuel yourself for a packed day. Breakfast is one of the most important meals in Taiwanese culture, and while most establishments are closed early in the morning, you are always sure to stumble upon a breakfast place serving throngs and throngs of people, who’ve made a stop on their way to work or school. Have some dumplings, a green onion pancake, or fried crullers (locally known as you tiao), and wash them down with a cup of warm or cold soy milk. 


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Take the MRT to Shilin Station and the transfer bus to reach the National Palace Museum. Here, you will find over 600,000 precious artifacts that were moved to Taiwan from China for preservation during and after the Chinese Civil War. 

For your second stop, hop on the shuttle bus back to Shilin MRT and then take the Red Line headed to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, also known as the CKS Memorial Hall, which is, perhaps, the most prominent historical landmark in all of Taiwan. Erected in honor of the military and revolutionary leader of the Republic of China, it was opened in 1980 and features a national park and assembling area. 


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Come lunchtime, have your fill of Taiwan’s world-famous soup dumplings or Xiao Long Bao at a nearby local eatery or at Taipei 101’s Din Tai Fung, a restaurant chain believed to popularize the delicacy. Another Taiwanese specialty you must try is the spicy beef noodle soup. 

There are a plethora of things to do in Taipei 101. You can shop (make sure to check if a shop you like offers discounts in partnership with the Taipei Fun Pass!), dine, or just enjoy panoramic views of the city from the Taipei 101 Observatory. If you prefer seeing the city illuminated by lights, come back in the evening for the night view, which is just as mesmerizing. 


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If you want some quiet time after all the action, cool down at Eslite Mall, which you reach on foot from the Taipei 101 building or if you’re taking the MRT, the City Hall stop. This mall houses a massive bookshop, where you can curl down with a good read (yes, they have English titles available).

As the day wears on, make your way to Ximending, a bright and bustling district in Taipei that can rival Tokyo’s Shibuya and Seoul’s Myeongdong. Visit the Red House, which is the beating heart of Taiwan’s LGBTQ+ scene, or grab a drink or two at one of the many bars littered across the neighborhood. Got some spare cash to shell out? Hit the main shopping street of Ximending for a jaw-dropping selection of stores selling apparel, cosmetics, and souvenirs.


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Now, Ximending is a great place to cap off your day, but if you still have some energy left, why not hit Shilin or Raohe Night Market?

Play old-time carnival side-show games or better yet, sample little eats—locally known as xiao chi—that Taiwan is well-known for. From steamed pork buns to fried chicken fillets to bubble tea, food choices at night markets seem to be endless, so be sure to drop by with a huge appetite!



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