What To Do and Where To Go In Tainan, Taiwan

Located on the southern coast of Taiwan, Tainan is the country’s oldest city and first capital before it was transferred to Taipei. So if you are a history buff and prefer ancient temples over modern skyscrapers, then Tainan is the perfect destination for you. You can also have it as a side trip if you are going to other areas, as it can be easily accessed via buses and trains.

It may not be as cosmopolitan as its neighbors, but Tainan has a unique charm that will make you want to stay longer and explore. If you are starting to become curious as what this city has to offer, here are some activities you can do and places to visit on your trip:


Discover Anping District

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For first time visitors, the streets of Anping District are a must-see. It’s a great area to check out Dutch-style architecture and the best way to start making your way around Tainan.

Some of the popular places you can visit here are the Anping Tree House and the Anping Fort. The Anping Tree House is sometimes mistaken for a haunted house, but it really is not! It is an abandoned warehouse that was slowly swallowed by a huge banyan tree, wrapping its roots around the building’s walls over the years. From being an eerie structure, it is now an Instagram-worthy place, frequently photographed and used as a background for #OOTD shots.


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Near the Anping Tree House is the Anping Fort, formerly known as Fort Zeelandia. Its purpose back in the day was as a fortress for the Dutch army and navy. Today it is a park where locals hang out and also houses a museum. If you are here on a weekend, the streets around the fort become a market where you can buy some goodies.

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Go Temple-Hopping

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Temples are all over Tainan, so it’s best to go temple-hopping to learn more about this city’s religious history and heritage. First on the list is the Confucius Temple, the oldest temple in the country that is dedicated to Confucianism. The temple is surrounded by banyan trees that give it a more archaic feel. Roam around the complex and marvel at the Chinese architecture.

You may also check out Matsu Temple, dedicated to the goddess of the sea. Another must-visit is the City God Temple, a unique temple built for the judge of the afterlife. You won’t be able to miss the God of War Temple as well because of its pink walls.

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Visit Creative Parks

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Tainan may be sticking to tradition, but it also has a hipster side that is evident in its creative parks. One of these is the Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park, where you can find large murals and several boutiques that you can explore for a few hours. If you’re looking for an interesting backdrop for the perfect IG shot, then this is the spot for you.

Another creative park you will find in Tainan is the Tainan Ten Drum Cultural Village, where you can watch local drumming groups rehearse and perform.



Hang Out At Quirky Cafes

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From creative parks, you can now head to quirky cafes in Tainan. Just take a stroll along Anping old street and you will find a variety of cool places to rest and have some food and drinks. For Rilakkuma fans, you can drop by the Rilakkuma Cha-Ya Tainan branch.



Bonus: Attend 2019 LUCFest this November

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If you’ll be in Tainan from November 8 to 10 this year, then you can attend the 2019 LUCFest, a showcase festival for music lovers. You can purchase your tickets through KKday.


Don’t skip Tainan on your next trip to Taiwan!