Cool Kyoto Hostels For Budget Backpackers

Famous for classic Buddhist temples and breathtaking natural sceneries, Kyoto is a place that has enchanted many seasoned travelers. It’s an essential stop for tourists who are passing through Japan.

Sure, Kyoto—and the rest of Japan—is generally a pricier stop than other backpacker-friendly countries in Asia, but don’t let the fear of expenses keep you from exploring this unique and magical destination. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the city even on a shoestring budget, such as purchasing tickets for tours early online and choosing bang for the buck accommodations.

Luckily, the city has a hip assortment of hostels catering to the backpacker crowd. Check out some of KKday’s top picks of cool yet affordable hostels in the city of Kyoto.


Piece Hostel Sanjo

via Piece Hostel Sanjo

Piece Hostel Sanjo used to be a traditional ryokan, but now it’s a stylish hostel in a convenient location in central Kyoto. Modern design, a cocktail and beer bar, and an affordable price tag combine to create one of the trendiest hostels in the city. Plus, Piece is only a short stroll from the famous 400-year-old Nishiki Market and other popular Kyoto attractions. 



Mosaic Hostel

via Mosaic Hostel

Mosaic Hotel’s contemporary and minimalist décor is attractive, but travelers flock here mostly for its social scene. Not only does the hostel welcome a lot of tourists from all over the world, but Mosaic also stages plenty of events to bring people together, such as music sessions, cultural workshops, and food sharing. 



The Millennials Kyoto

via The Millennials Kyoto

While it’s at a slightly higher price point than other hostels, the ultra-stylish and futuristic Millennials Kyoto is still a very affordable option. Each guest is given an iPod to control the features of their individual pods, including the lights and the bed’s recline. 



Len Kyoto

via Len Kyoto

Live in an artsy, bohemian space in Len Kyoto, a relaxed hostel with pretty views of the Kamo River. People come back to the hotel over and over for the incredible food at the in-house bar-café-restaurant, which attracts a flock of locals and travelers for cocktails.



K’s House Kyoto

via K’s House Kyoto

Another favorite of globetrotters, K’s House Kyoto enjoys a central location near attractions and transportation. The award-winning budget hostel is bright and airy with cozy facilities that make it feel very homey. It’s known for hosting great parties at the backpacker bar, where you can partake in sake and cocktails with the other guests. 



Comicap Kyoto

via Comicap Kyoto

Plenty of tourists who visit Japan are fans of manga and for these travelers, the Comicap Kyoto is the perfect accommodations. Comicap, which stands for “comics” and “capsule” hotel, boasts an impressive library of over 30,000 comic books. At the end of the night, retreat to your own private sleeping pod behind the shelves to catch some shuteye.



Book and Bed Kyoto

via Book and Bed Kyoto

Here’s another concept hostel: Book and Bed Tokyo – Kyoto, where guests can literally tuck themselves in the shelves for a good night’s sleep surrounded by novels, comics, and magazines. The cozy hostel, which has several branches in Japan, is the ultimate bookworm’s space. 



WeBase Kyoto

via WeBase Kyoto

WeBase Kyoto is a relatively underrated player in the hostel scene, but it’s gaining rave reviews for premium facilities and beautiful interiors. Clean, quiet bunk beds and sleeping pods provide a comfortable place to rest, while a modern lounge with around 1,000 books is a pleasant common area. 


Gion Ryokan Q-beh

via Gion Ryokan Q-beh

Evoking the atmosphere of Japan’s traditional ryokan, Gion Ryokan Q-beh blends the old and the new to create a unique space for travelers. The renovated century-old ryokan provides comfort and privacy at a reasonable price. Best of all, the ryokan-style hostel is located in the heart of Gion, Kyoto’s renowned geisha and entertainment district where plenty of tourist hotspots are found.



Guest House Ga-Jyun

Guest House Ga-Jyun

All the guests’ needs are taken care of in Guest House Ga-Jyun, an attractive youth hostel that’s near many must-see tourist destinations. Fuel up before setting off for a day with Guest House Ga-Jyun’s free breakfast that even gives you a choice between a Western or Japanese meal. 


What are you waiting for? Book your trip to Kyoto as soon as possible and get lost in the city’s ancient charm.