Busan for Beginners

From cyan coasts to cultural hotspots to culinary excellence, Busan is more than just about being the world’s fifth largest container handling port. 

Like an unforgettable character in a book, Busan can surprise you with the fast pace and luster of its urban modernity and captivate your heart with the unique, traditional layers of its vibrant culture.

Did you know that Busan was first called Pusan? The city was named Pusanp’o. Pu in Korean means “kettle” and san means “mountain,” and p’o means “bay” or “harbor.” During the Korean War, Busan and Daegu were the only cities in South Korea that were not captured by the North Korean army. Busan became a Directly Governed City in 1963 and a Metropolitan City in 1995.

Busan, with approximately 3.5 million residents, is the second largest city in South Korea. Lying on the southeast part of the Korean peninsula, Busan stretches to the Straits of Korea in the south; to Ulsan in the north; and to Gimhae in the west. 

If you are going to Busan but want to skip the line and public transportation after a long travel, book rides in advance to enjoy ease and convenience. From Gimhae International Airport to your hotel in Busan City or Haeundae District, you can enjoy an exclusive ride by booking KKDay’s private airport transfer. For travelers on a budget, you can opt for a shared transfer from Gimhae Airport to in Busan.

If you are traveling by land from Seoul, you can hop on the KTX train using a discounted KORAIL Pass. You may arrive in Busan in just two and a half hours.



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Named by Lonely Planet as East Asia Culture City for 2018, Busan is overflowing with cultural attractions, stunning temples, religious sites, and themed cafés. Foodies will enjoy eomuk or fishcakes, milmyeon or wheat noodles, street food like seaweed rice rolls, dwaeji gukbap (pork rice soup), and an assortment of fish at the Jagalchi Fish market.

Busan hosts the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), one of the highly regarded international film festivals in Asia; Busan Biennale, an art festival that integrates other major festivals in the city; and the One Asia Festival, dubbed as the largest K-pop festival in Korea in 2016.



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Cool Things to Do in Busan 

If it is your first time in Busan, here are the top eight cool things you can do in the city:

Take an Urban Exploration

Relax at a modern bathhouse experience.

Take photos with optical illusion and 3D paintings as your background at Busan Trick Eye Museum.

Board a luxury yacht to witness the Busan skyline at night.

If you’re in Busan by late November, don’t miss the Busan Fireworks Festival!

If you want to get the vibe of every corner of the city, board a hop-on hop-off bus as it passes through popular tourist spots.


Experience the Colorful Gamcheon Culture Village

You will be amused with the small, rainbow-colored houses in this village. You will also see murals and sculptures as you stroll along its pathways. 


Explore Beomeosa Temple

You will discover more about Buddhist culture and traditions by exploring the Beomeosa Temple, located on the edge of Geumjeongsan Mountain in the north of Busan.


Visit Jagalchi Fish Market

You can find almost all types of seafood here: fresh seafood, dried fish, clams, lobsters, sea cucumbers, mackerel, and more.



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Unwind on Haeundae Beach

If you want to relax, go to Haeundae Beach, considered as one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Korea.


Embark on a Summer Day Tour

Did you know that Busan is the summer capital of Korea? To maximize your summer experience, book KKday’s Busan Day Tour. It will take you to the stunning islands of Oryukdo, the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, the Gijang Traditional Market, and more.


Marvel at the Sea Life Busan Aquarium

Sea Life Busan Aquarium features over 35,000 species of marine life, algae, reptiles, and amphibians.



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See Cherry Blossoms

If you plan to see cherry blossoms in Busan and Daegu, book your trip by late March. Spring is from March to late June. 


Before you start your amazing trip to Busan, make sure you have unlimited, high-speed Internet access. Book your 4G/LTE KT Olleh SIM card and pick it up at any of Korea’s major airports.