Taiwan Souvenirs Your Friends And Family Will Love

Known for its scenic nature views, quaint towns, and myriad of tour experiences to choose from, Taiwan is a travel haven that will leave a lasting impression to any tourist. After basking from the country’s beauty, make sure to take some amazing travel tokens from the country for your friends and family.

Instead of buying the usual knick-knacks, score keepsakes that bear the artistry and culture of Taiwanese people. Here are authentically Taiwanese souvenirs you can take home:


Oil Paper Umbrella

Creatively constructed, oil paper umbrella is synonymous to Taiwan’s ethnic group – Hakka. Vibrantly colored and painted, it would make any mom smile with its detailed and stunning designs that can make a corner of a room brighten up. Take a side trip to Huaxi Night market when you visit Kaohsiung to get hold of these beauties.



Taiwanese Tea

Famed for its exquisite variety of tea leaves, especially those from Alishan, Taiwan is a great place to buy some tea as gifts. It will be a perfect moment to sip some tea, while you narrate your visit to Ba Gua Tea Garden and Muzha Tea Plantations. Continue your stories by sharing what it felt like to make your personalized ceramic at The Shu’s Pottery DIY class. 

Oolong tea is a highly-recommended variant and is available at Ten Ren Tea. 

Match your afternoon tea with tea sets or teapots that are abundantly sprawled at Jade night market.






Mini Sky Lanterns

Releasing sky lanterns at Pingxi district inevitably inspires you to buy the pretty mini lanterns at the Shifen Old Street or Ningxia night market. Join the Taiwan Northeast day tour to experience this first-hand at an affordable price. 



Glove Puppet

Derived from Budaixi (布袋戲), a form of Chinese opera, glove puppetry is a well-loved cultural show among natives. Even now, tourists can see live performances of classic and modern themes

Whether you want to amuse with a special show or have them as decorative items, glove puppets truly are worth bringing back home.



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Home ornaments such as pottery and porcelain might be bulky to take home. Still, the quality of this earthenware, handcrafted by artisans screams a loud this-will-make-mom-happy. Head to Taipei’s Yingge district to hunt what’s best for you.




High-quality jade accessories abound at Jianguo Jade market. From charms to body ornaments, jade is known to ward off evil spirits and encourage luck and body healing. 




In history, we were taught how the earliest known silk can be traced to Han Dynasty. Hence, Chinese silk is regarded to have a premium grade. Shop some silk fabric at Yongle Fabric Market. Then, check out some silk clothing and accessories at Wufenpu Clothing Market.



Dried Meat Floss 

Delish and addicting, dried meat floss is the perfect snack gift for the whole family to enjoy. The fluffy and tasty texture makes a good garnish for dishes and rice topping.



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Pineapple Cake

A bite of Taiwan’s buttery pastry burst sweetness that lingers. Hence, it’s a perfect saccharine treat to bribe a sweet-tooth friend or family member.

Skip the line in buying pineapple cakes and have it safely delivered in a neat package at hotels in Taipei and New Taipei city. Coupled with the popular French nougat, the sweet bunch of desserts to bring home will make friends and family smile happily.



Taiwan Noodles

Considered to be one of the best noodles in the world, Taiwan’s gourmet-ish noodles have varying tastes to choose from. A trip to a nearby market or grocery store makes these items easy to hoard.