Reminisce The F4 Fever With This Meteor Garden-Inspired Taiwan Itinerary

Based on a popular Japanese manga that has launched numerous adaptations all over Asia, Meteor Garden, a 2001 Taiwanese drama, once swept us away with its endearing story.

Until now, the story of F4 and Shan Cai remains iconic, and a pilgrimage to revisit the filming locations of the series is a sure entry on any Meteor Garden fan’s bucket list. If you’re a fanatic yourself, you’ll be glad to know that it’s sweetly achievable!

From the bustling city of Taipei to Chiayi County, let your fan dream take you to an unforgettable experience that will help you live out your favorite Meteor Garden moments.


National Chung Cheng University

via National Chung Cheng University

Any Meteor Garden fan will recognize this campus for taking the bulk of the most memorable scenes on the show. Known as Yingde University in the drama, National Chung Cheng University should definitely be on top of your must-visit list! 

Alternatively, you can take the bus if you’re not a train person. From Chiayi Station take Bus No. 106 and alight at the back entrance of National Chung Cheng University. The bus ride takes about an hour. You can also reach the university entrance via taxi, which is about a 30-minute trip.  

Upon arrival, let the nostalgic feels wash you over and take celebratory photos from some of the show’s most memorable scenes.

  • Shancai’s locker #150: Library (lower ground)
  • Lei and Shancai’s Rooftop: Administration Building
  • Graduation Scene: University Square Fountain
  • Shancai and Qing He’s spot: Tranquility Lake
  • Shancai tug-of-war scene: Auditorium
  • Opening Scene: Jin Kang Road

For a hassle-free journey to this filming spot, you may book this eight-hour tour that will also take you on a side trip to the scenic township of Alishan.




via PS BU BU

Located in Taipei, the popular “date scene” of Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai was filmed at PS BU BU, a charming restaurant adorned with lively colored vintage cars and a miniature car collection.

To get there, head to the nearest MRT station and alight at Shipai Station. Cross the street to the nearby bus stop and take Bus No. 224 then get off at Tianmu bus stop. Watch out for the signage that lets you know when you are near. Alternatively, you can always take a taxi. 

For convenience in getting around Taipei, a transit card allows you to navigate through the city with ease. Check out these Taiwan travel essentials for a hassle-free trip.   



Tamkang University

via Tamkang University

Housing Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, Tamkang University in Taipei makes a frequent appearance in the campus scenes in the drama. The university is accessible via MRT (Tamsui Station). Fans would remember this spot for the bickering scenes among the cast members, as well as, Lei’s “monkey bar” hold-your-tears scene.



National Taiwan University

via National Taiwan University

Completing your ultimate Meteor Garden tour is the National Taiwan University. This is the place where the series’ exterior shots were filmed. Gongguan Station via MRT is the nearest point to reach National Taiwan University. 

It’s never too late to fulfill your Meteor Garden fan dreams! We can’t blame you if you want to go on a nostalgic Taiwan inspired by the hit show. After all, a lot of us got hooked to this cult classic Taiwan drama. And, yes, Shan Cai’s iconic line in the series “Dao Ming Si!” will forever be engraved in our minds—and hearts, too.