Lionsgate Theme Park in China To Feature Hunger Games-Inspired Attraction

There’s a new theme park in China that’s about to open its doors this week. Dubbed as Lionsgate Entertainment World, this indoor theme park will feature a Hunger Games-inspired attraction along with other popular movie franchises such as Twilight and Gods of Egypt.

Lionsgate Entertainment World is the first theme park of the American production company. It is also the first vertical theme park in the world featuring a structure that’s 10 stories high. The company promises to give visitors a one-of-a-kind indoor and interactive theme park.

via Lionsgate Entertainment World

This indoor wonderland comes with thrilling attractions that make “movies come alive.” Some of those you can expect to see at Lionsgate Entertainment World is the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight. Prepare yourself to support the rebellion and may the odds be in your favor on this 3D motion simulator attraction. 

via Lionsgate Entertainment World Facebook

On the other hand, fans of the Twilight Saga will surely have fun as the theme park comes with attractions inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romance series. If you’re #TeamJacob, you would enjoy the Midnight Ride wherein you’ll be racing with Jacob along with a pack of wolves on a virtual reality (VR) dirt-bike adventure. There’s also a ride called Bella’s Journey where you can relive the story of the hit vampire saga.

via Lionsgate Entertainment World

The Gods of Egypt: Battle for Eternity will be an inviting ride for the roller coaster addicts. This VR roller coaster ride transports you to ancient Egypt where there’s an epic battle happening. 

The Lionsgate Entertainment World is located in Zhuhai Hengquin in China, near Hong Kong and Macau. The grand opening of the said theme park will be on July 31, 2019.