A Day At Summer Sonic Osaka: Your Survival Guide

Enduring a music festival is an acquired skill. The more fests you attend, the better you get at it. However, the overall experience still greatly varies every time.  Attending Coachella in California is entirely different from rocking out at Glastonbury in England or, say, partying at the Burning Man in Black Rock City. 


Enter Summer Sonic a.k.a. one of Japan’s hottest and biggest rock festivals. Probably a test of survival in itself, this year’s 3-day fest will take place in Osaka and Tokyo at the same time from August 16 to 18, with top bands and artists pulled from all over the world taking turns performing at one venue after the other. 

It’s going to be crazy fun and crazy loud out there, so if you’re going, make sure you’re prepared for battle. 


Scoring Tickets

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A grand music festival that boasts a lineup featuring some of the world’s best music acts is expected to sell out tickets…fast. So, make sure to grab your Summer Sonic tickets early!

If you’re wondering how much it will cost you, a regular one-day ticket is usually priced from 13,800JPY. Fairly affordable for a big music fest, yes. But here’s the thing: If you know where to look, you can get it at an even cheaper rate! (Hint: Get your discounted Summer Sonic tickets here!)



Planning Your Day

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Just like any other big music festival, Summer Sonic hosts multiple concerts at multiple venues simultaneously. This means that the two bands you wish to see might be performing onstage at two different places just about the same time! 

Indeed, the dilemma could get too real sometimes, which is why it would be best for you to check the festival’s lineup and timetable before you go. If you think it would be helpful for you, you can even shortlist all the bands and artists you’re excited to see, just so you know which sets you should prioritize. 



What To Wear

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We kid you not: Summer Sonic takes place under the sweltering heat of the sun. While you have the liberty of wearing anything you want, it’s highly encouraged that the attendees wear something light, breezy, and comfy. Same goes with your footwear, as you’ll be walking quite a lot, as you transfer from one venue to another. 



Getting There

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Summer Sonic Osaka is annually held at the Bay Area on Maishima Sports Island. This spot is fairly easy to reach as it’s just across Universal Studios Japan. 

Once you’ve arrived in Osaka, head on over to Umeda Station, then ride the JR Loop Line to Nishi Kujo Station. From the exit, go to the adjacent bus stop and take Bus 81, which is bound for Maishima Sports Island.



When Hunger Strikes

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Of course, you’ll have to eat! How else would you last a day of rocking out to your faves, if you’re running low on energy?

Since outside food is not permitted in the concert venue (you can bring in water bottles, though!), you may scour the stalls of food vendors for anything you’re in the mood of noshing on. From Japanese bites to Western snacks, concessionaires at the festival offer a plethora of food items that will suit every palate. 



Buying Souvenirs

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If you’re the type who collects concert shirts and other merch from music festivals, prepare to line up for goods early, since they sell out fast. 


Ready to rock? Get your 2019 Summer Sonic Osaka tickets here today!