5 Kid-Friendly Places You Can Visit in Thailand

Traveling to different places is amazing. You get to discover and experience the diversity of cultures in every country that you visit. It widens your horizons by allowing your senses to feel, taste, and see places from a new perspective. Not until you have children running around your house, that is!

Truth be told, having kids can be a handful, but that should never stop you from exploring new places! Don’t use the fact of having to raise children as an excuse for not being able to travel. Yes, you can argue that it is hard to travel with kids but, imagine the joy you could give them when you decide to go for a family adventure. More often than not, that will be priceless, memorable, and super fun (hopefully). To help you plan out your trip, here are five kid-friendly places you can visit in Thailand.

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Bangkok Safari World 

Immerse yourself in the wild for a close encounter with exotic animals at the Bangkok Safari World, which is said to be the largest zoo in Thailand. This place is divided into three attractions: (1) Safari Park, (2) Marine Park, and (3) Jungle Walk.

You’ll be onboard a vehicle and drive through the Safari Park. It is an 8km-long stretch and the ride will take around 45 minutes. You will see animals such as giraffes, camels, lions, tigers, among others, as your vehicle drives through the scenic park.   

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Marine Park, on the other hand, showcases various animals from sea, land, and air. It also has several live performances featuring different animals such as: dolphins, whales, elephants, polar bears, and more that you can watch.

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Jungle Walk is a relatively new area in the Bangkok Safari World. Here, you can watch bird shows and even feed giraffes.

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Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World houses over 400 species of marine life and is regarded as Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium. You can explore more than 10 areas to catch a glimpse of life under the sea (why did we suddenly hear Sebastian’s singing voice—Sebastian, the crab from the movie Little Mermaid. Okay, never mind). You can see sharks, beautiful corals, and tons of fish at the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World.

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Dream World 

This place is Thailand’s premier amusement park, which is an ideal place to visit especially with your kids. Dream World is a kid-friendly theme park that comes with different attractions and rides you can enjoy with your kids.

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We wish we had something like KidZania when we’re younger. KidZania is the place where kids can get a taste or a preview of the adult world. This is also the place where they can simulate their respective dream professions. Moreover, they can chat and have fun with other kids, which will help in building their communication skills. Get a KidZania pass here.

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Grand Palace 

Your Bangkok trip won’t be complete if you miss the Grand Palace. This place is one of the most iconic landmarks in Bangkok. It was built in 1782 and has been the home of the King of Thailand for 150 years. The Grand Palace is a perfect way to immerse yourself and your kid into Thailand’s rich history and culture. 

Take note that there’s a dress code when visiting the Grand Palace, and this is strictly implemented. It is because the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is situated within the Grand Palace. As such, visitors should wear long pants and a decent top (tank tops are not allowed). Visitors will not be allowed inside the premises if they are wearing slippers, flip flops, or sandals. However, if you come unprepared, there are stores outside the palace that sell various affordable apparel.

These are just some of the many places in Thailand that can be considered as kid-friendly destinations. Visit for more destinations and travel experiences that will suit your taste. Enjoy!