Hot Air Balloons and Winding Bike Paths: Awesome Things To Check Out and Try In Taitung

Taitung is perhaps Taiwan’s best-kept gem. Fronting the ocean and backed by the high mountains, this breezy and serene county is surrounded by natural wonders, earning the title of “Taiwan’s last unspoiled land.” It also has a distinct and well-preserved ethnic culture.

Ready to explore this underrated but totally vibrant area in the southeast coast of Taiwan? Here are some of the most awesome things you can do in Taitung:


Watch gigantic colorful hot air balloons take flight

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Taitung hosts the annual Taiwan International Balloon Festival. Its grassy valleys serve as the ideal venue for the massive fest, which features other side events such as flying shows, summer camps, night concerts, and even balloon wedding celebrations—to name a few.

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Admire the beauty of Mr. Brown’s Road

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This picturesque stretch of road is called the “Green Road of Paradise” for a good reason—it really is some sort of a paradise on its own. Just like a painting, it treats you to refreshing views of vast green rice paddies that marry the mountains and clear blue skies. There’s no place quite like it anywhere in Taiwan.

Chishang Township, Taitung County, Taiwan


Take a scenic bicycle ride

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Taitung is known for its bicycle paths that were developed in such a way that cyclers can enjoy vistas of the ocean or the lush green mountains as they make their way to their destination. So when you find yourself in this county, you might as well stretch those legs and hop on a bike for a scenic ride.

This fun and interactive bicycle tour will take you various attractions in Taitung including the Tianhou Temple and the Tiehua Music Village.


Catch a wave

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Taitung prides itself as a place ideal for sports. This is mainly because the area itself is so abundant with natural attractions that make for great outdoor activities. And with a 176-kilometer coastline, an obvious sport to try in the Taitung is surfing. In fact, the coast of Donghe, Wushibi, Eight Immortals Cave, and Chenggong are well-known in the surfing world for their clear emerald waters that form quality waves suitable for surfing.


Learn about Taitung’s aboriginal tribes

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One of the greatest treasures of Taitung is the well-preserved culture of their ethnic tribes. On your visit, get a glimpse of the Marongarong, Dulan, Taromak, Sazasa, and Sapulju tribes’ colorful life by booking a tour in advance. Make sure that you adhere to the rules set by your guide, as a form of respect to the tribes.


Score unique finds at a night market

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A trip to anywhere in Taiwan won’t be complete without visiting a local night market. And in Taitung, it’s Siwei Night Market you’d want to check out. Open on Sundays only, this open-air market has an old-time charm. The stalls that line the street sell a plethora of novelty goods or invite visitors for a round or two of carnivalesque sideshow games. Of course, hawkers are also all over the place to offer you regional specialties. Another night market you can hit in the county is the Taitung Tourist Market. It’s is smaller than Siwei Night Market, but it’s just as packed with things to eat, buy, and try!

Siwei Night Market
Lane 464, Section 1, Siwei Road, Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan
*Open on Sundays only

Taitung Tourist Market
Zhengqi Road, Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan
*Open from Thursdays to Saturdays only


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