Fill up Your Macau Itinerary with These 8 Free Apps

When was the last time you traveled without a smartphone by your side? Nowadays, you can find specific apps for every kind of need and idiosyncrasy. From work to leisure, it would be hard to imagine our lives being ‘disconnected’ from our phones. When traveling to Macau, consider these top apps to make your trip smooth and easy:

1. Trover

If you’re a visual person (if yes, then we hope this photo caught your attention), and you like the idea of doing your research trip just by looking at photos, then you will love Trover. Type in your destination and this app will show you a collage of images that are taken from other users recently.

This Instagram like app also works with a GPS. Meaning that whatever you are in Macau, from casinos to temples, Trover searches for every photo, location, and captions from past users. Perfect for crafting your itinerary and Instagram posts!

Download: Apple | Android

2. Blink

Swipe left and swipe right. Seems familiar? This feature is how most dating apps work, so why not do the same with travel?

Download Blink and typed in your destination to see a stack of virtual cards coming one at the time. Get the option to tap for a heart icon and swipe to ditch an attraction. Remember that the more you tap, the more Blink will understand which tourist and local spots suit your personality more. So tap, tap, tap!

Download: Apple | Android

3. GPSMyCity

Forget overpriced bus and ferry tours — a walking tour is how you really discover a city. GPSMyCity lets travelers explore every inch of their preferred location at their own pace and time. Get to know the busy streets of Macau with 6,500 self-guided walks in more than 300 cities.

Download: Apple | Android

4. KKday

If you’re looking for tours and activities to fill in your itinerary, be sure to download the KKday app. Whether you’re booking months ahead, or last-minute from the airport, KKday is sure to help you find exciting things to do.

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Download: Apple | Android


1. Macau Taxi Fare

Taxis in Macau are fairly cheap, so you’ll probably want to ride them regularly. However, not all the taxi drivers speak English, so be prepared.If you don’t have a business card of your exact location or its Chinese name, Macau Taxi app is a helpful tool. This app has all common destinations in Chinese characters while providing you with some general info, taxi fares, and approximate transportation fees from point A to B.

Download: Apple | Android

2. Seat Guru

What plane are you going on? Where will you be sitting? Does it have complimentary headphones, blankets, pillows, and USB slots? If you’re the kind of traveler that hates in-flight surprises, download SeatGuru app and enter the airplane with confidence. Learn exactly what plane you’ll be flying in, along with its seating chart, and a brief review of your seat.

Download: Apple | Android

3. (巴士報站) Bus Traveling App

Directly made from the Transport Bureau of Macau Sar, this app is most likely used by every local who has ever hopped on a bus in Macau. This handy app gives you all the information you need on routes and stops, real-time traffic conditions and bus arrivals.

Plus, it even gives you extra specific details, like how much time you need to cross a bridge between Macau and Taipa. Our favorite feature? You can be on a bus and see the number of stops to the destination and when to get off.

Download: Apple | Android


1. Units

Avoid any confusion when talking to locals as much as possible! If you don’t memorize conversion formulas such as from Farenheit to Celcius, miles to kilometers, and inches to centimeters, download this app to make your Macau trip easier.

Download: Apple | Android

Never miss a chance to see top tourist spots to fill up your itineraries. Download these free apps to make your travel experience a walk in the park! Going to Macau soon? Let us know which app you’re downloading for sure

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