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America’s Top Thanksgiving Getaways to Explore This Late November

The time of crunchy brown leaves, extended weekends, and the faint smell of freshly cooked turkey is fast approaching. If you haven’t decided a place to spend your Thanksgiving holiday, or if the thought of cooking a big turkey gets you more worn out than excited, you might want to consider these top Thanksgiving getaways.

1. New Orleans

(Photo via: Wikimedia Commons)

Calling all foodies and party animals! Did you know that New Orleans is known for their fabulous celebrations and finest food? So it wouldn’t be such a surprise to see that they are one of the best Thanksgiving destinations.

Take a trip to Louisiana and visit any local eatery nearby for a filling triple-poultry dish which, in simple words, is a chicken stuffed duck and stuffed turkey. From Decatur Street to French Market, take part of a colorful holiday parade while discovering festive places such as warming bonfires on the levee, eye-catching light exhibit at the City Park, and a large-scale animated projection at Lafayette Square.

2. Santa Barbara, California

(Image via Flickr)

Looking forward to sipping down wine than a large turkey this year? If you’re not with minors, you might want to check out Santa Barbara this season. Not only will you find an array of de-stressing restaurants, but also outstanding local wines made from nearby vineyards.

You can also take a scenic drive to Los Olivos and visit a handful of diverse wine tasting rooms to satisfy your Vino enthusiast heart.

3. New York, New York

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Head over to the big apple to understand what the fuss is about during this season. Whether you’re viewing from the busy streets or at the comfort from your hotel window, don’t miss out on the ultimate Thanksgiving parade filled with massive balloons, floats, cheerleaders, marching bands, clowns, broadway shows, and lots of celebrities!

Be sure to stick around ‘til Black Friday, where New York’s many amazing shops such as  Macy’s, Century 21, and Apple Stores feature massive discounts! All of these are reasonable excuses for the Black Friday havoc.

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4. Plymouth, Massachusetts

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Turn back the clock  to where the first historical gathering took place. Take a trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts and visit a historical museum named Plimoth Plantation, explore outdoor living exhibits of 17-century English Village, the Mayflower II, and the Plimoth Grist Mill.

And finally, complete your Thanksgiving dinner with traditional New England trimmed roast turkey along with a performance of a Pilgrim’s first journey and Native interpreters that will greet, discuss, and debate with you about the 1621 feast that inspires today’s modern celebration.

5. Orlando, Florida

(Image via Pixabay)

Don’t worry about the long lines and heavy crowd; spend your holiday at a magical Disneyland theme park where rides work overtime. With Disney characters in holiday-themed costumes, seasonal decor and live football broadcasts, don’t miss out on a wonderful festivity for you and the whole family!

6. Park City, Utah

(Image via Pixabay)

Ready to start the winter a little early? If you are then look into the Park City Mountain Resort for a budget-friendly snowboarding escape. Take in Utah’s natural beauty by viewing the slopes and enjoying other winter activities such as snow tubing, riding the alpine coaster, and zip lining.

7. Miami Beach, Florida

(Image via Flickr)

Okay, let’s say you don’t want a chilly weather and would like to escape the snow. Enter Miami where the word “winter” doesn’t exist. Sure, it won’t be a traditional Thanksgiving because of the weather, but sceneric palm trees, lively parties, and hearty food will sure enough light up the season.

Pick one from the options above to leap out of your comfort zones. From relaxing by the beach, witnessing a grand parade, and discovering historical sites, there is bound to be a place for you and your family to visit. And who knows, maybe you might start a new Thanksgiving tradition! Got any ideas for the holiday? Share them on the comment section below!

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