Explore Korea: The Coolest Water Sports To Try in Jeju This Summer

No visit to Jeju Island, known as the Hawaii of Korea, is complete without thrilling water sports! Try out one, two, or all of these water-based experiences that you can book through KKday. Make your summer trip to Korea’s UNESCO-listed tropical destination unforgettable with our top picks:

1. Seogwipo Submarine Experience


Flickr/ Ian Armstrong under CC

Get ready for a superior underwater activity in Korea, without the need to get wet. Experience the Seogwipo Submarine –  the first of its kind to operate in Asia, as well as the pioneer of this concept worldwide.

Hop inside an EGO-Compact Semi Submarine, and dive 40 meters below into an underwater garden. Head to Munseom Island, the home of amazing coral reefs, schools of tropical fishes, and rich seaweed. Go deep into the seabed, then spot iridescent reefs and fish swimming through surreal shipwrecks. Capture pics ‘for the gram’ easily without risking a wet (and damaged) phone! Book this experience with KKday.

2. Scuba Diving

Are you an experienced diver? Then marvel at Jeju’s spectacular seascape and get close to the underwater creatures on this diving experience.Reach a maximum depth of 18 meters and meet various underwater creatures such as sea cucumbers, octopuses, and starfishes. See countless sea animals such as flag fish, frog fish, sea slugs, and rock sea-bream. Divers will see volcanic walls, and soft coral colonies that grow up to 40 meters – a rare and marvelous sight to behold. Head over here for this activity. 

3. Snorkeling

Discover diverse marine life lurking in the island’s subtropical waters. Because of the crystal and temperate waters, you’ll be able to spot fascinating ocean floor creatures. The view above water is amazing too – glimpse the beauty of Sunrise Peak and Udo Island. This water sport is perfect for beginners! Try it here.

4. Paddleboarding

To admire more views of Sunrise Peak and Udo Island, go for stand up paddle (SUP) surfing – a new water sport. You don’t need any prior experience as a surfer – just stand on a giant surfboard and move with a single-ended paddle. Glide across emerald waves, and take in the refreshing sea breeze. Paddle towards the sunset and relax with the picturesque ocean views around you. Book this experience here.

How are you planning to enjoy Jeju Island? Book a day in Korea’s tropical paradise with KKday.