Discount Coupons and Budget Tips for Seoul Travelers

Seoul is one of the world’s most interesting—and expensive—cities. But budget travel doesn’t have to be difficult. And there are all sorts of discount coupons and special deals foreigners can make use of during their trip. Here’s a roundup of the best money-saving passes and deals.

Discover Seoul Pass

This special tourist pass gives you instant access to 21 of Seoul’s top attractions. Choose from the 24 or 48-hour cards, and skip the lines to see cultural attractions, museums, historical sites, and amusement parks. You not only get huge savings on all your entry tickets, but the  Discover Seoul Pass entitles you to lots of other deals and discounts with partner merchants. This pass is great for those running on both a tight budget and a tight itinerary!

Discount Coupons and Budget Tips for Korea
Budget Deals for gKorea Travelers: Discover Seoul Pass

The Discover Seoul Pass is exclusive to non-Korea residents. To purchase the pass, book it online with KKday, and pick it up from at the Incheon Airport.  

T-Money Card

Seoul has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world, making it easy for even first-time travelers to navigate the city. Be sure to avail of the T-Money Card, a reloadable public transport ticket that you can use on the trains, buses, and even select taxis.

Discount Coupons and Budget Deals for Korea
Budget Deals for Korea Travelers: KKday T-Money Card

We recommend purchasing the special KKday T-Money card. Apart from the usual perks, the KKday T-Money Card gives travelers exclusive deals and discounts with some of Seoul’s top tourist attractions.


If you’re planning go beyond Seoul, the best way to travel is by the KORAIL. This high-speed rail system, which boasts of over 600 stations and 80 lines all over the country, can take travelers from Seoul to Busan in just 2.5 hours.

Discount Coupons and Budget Tips for Korea
Budget Deals for Korea Travelers: Discounted KORAIL Pass

Foreigners can avail of the special discounted KORAIL Pass by purchasing it ahead of time with KKday. The special pass entitles you to unlimited train rides for a set number of days (choose from 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7-day passes), allowing you to explore Korea’s other cities and provinces. KORAIL Pass customers who book with KKday are also entitled to a US$9.15 SM Duty Free Voucher. 

You can also check out these easy day tours from Seoul.

AREX Airport Express Train

Skip the expensive cab ride from the airport to your hotel. Korea’s AREX Express Train is a convenient airport service that will take you from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul in under 45 minutes. You can purchase your One-way AREX ticket at a special discounted rate when you order with KKday.

International Student Identity Card

Admittedly this isn’t exactly a discount pass. But many of Seoul’s stores and services provide huge student discounts, even to foreigners. Secure yourself an International Student Identity Card (read more about it here) and score yourself some great deals!

Discount Coupons and Budget Tips for Korea
Budget Deals for Korea Travelers: Avail of student discounts with your ID

As of writing, there isn’t an internationally recognized ID for senior citizens. But many stores and services give privileges to those over 60, and will accept proof of your age, whether it’s through a local Senior Citizen card or your passport.

Discount Coupons for Travelers

The Visit Korea Committee, a tourism initiative between both the Korean government and private establishments, has launched several initiatives since 2016 to entice travelers to head to Korea. They regularly have freebies, discounts, and traveler exclusives which you can check out over here.

Similarly, the Korea Tourism Organization has also partnered with several merchants to give foreigners special discounts on shows and live performances. Check out their discount coupons over here.

Korea is full of fun and exciting things just begging to be explored. You don’t have to break bank for a fun trip, and these money-saving tips will guarantee you more wiggle room to splurge on food and skincare. Happy trip!