Fung Bros in Tokyo: 24 Hours in Tokyo Itinerary

Tokyo, Japan: Shibuya Shopping District


Tokyo is a whirlwind of a city, with so much to see, do, and eat. And while the city deserves to be explored extensively, you may not have the luxury of time. But even if Tokyo is a stopover on your Japan trip, or a layover on your way to your next destination, you can still build a solid 24-hours Tokyo Itinerary and see some of the city’s best.

Our friends and YouTubers, The Fung Bros, recently hit up Tokyo on their tour of Asia and helped us put together this Tokyo in 24 hours travel guide. With tours that pack a punch and incredible experiences that can’t be found anywhere else, you can see Tokyo in 24 hours without missing a thing.

Hop on Hop off Tour

24 Hours in Tokyo Itinerary: Tokyo Skyhop Bus
24 Hours in Tokyo Itinerary: Tokyo Skyhop Bus

If you’re new to the city, don’t waste precious time figuring out the public transport system. Hit up multiple landmarks and attractions from the ancient Asakusa Temple to the towering Tokyo Sky Tree, as well as iconic Tokyo neighborhoods such as glamorous Ginza and olden Nihonbashi. This Hop on Hop off Bus Tour lets you take your time with select attractions, or whiz through as many as you’d like.

Book: Tokyo Sky Hop Bus Tour

Traditional Kimono Experience

24 Hours in Tokyo Itinerary: Kimono Experiece
24 Hours in Tokyo Itinerary: Kimono Experiece

Take a trip back in time to Imperial Japan when you dress up in a traditional kimono. Don on Meiji-style hair and make-up to complete your look, and enjoy a professional photoshoot with some of Tokyo’s iconic attractions in the background.

Book: Traditional Tokyo Kimono Experience

Hyakumangoku Sushi Restaurant

Come dinner time, treat yourself to an incredible one-of-a-kind sushi experience at the Hyakumangoku Sushi Restaurant. With ingredients fresh from the famous Tsukiji Market and expert chefs who’ve nailed the dishes down to an art form, Hyakumangoku elevates dinner from a meal to a rich, almost “spiritual experience,” as Andrew Fung puts it. See this exclusive, never-before-seen look at Hyakumangoku Sushi Restaurant as the Fung Brothers learn the art, history, and culture behind the delicious dishes.

Book: Hyakumangoku Sushi Restaurant Experience

Nightlife: Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant

For a taste of the Tokyo nightlife, visit the famous Robot Restaurant. This sensory overload show features spectacular performances from massive robot dinosaurs, high-energy dancers, drummers, and a whole lot more. This unique, interactive experience astounds even the local Tokyo residents. Check out the video from David and Andrew of the Fung Brothers for a snippet of the show. But we guarantee this is one show you have to experience first-hand.

Book: Tokyo Robot Restaurant: Evening Cabaret Show Ticket

Of course, if you’re spending more than a few days in Tokyo then you can take your sweet time exploring its charming neighborhoods (READ: 10 Best Shopping Spots in Tokyo) and sampling the delicious food (READ: Tokyo TasteTest: The Best Restaurants in the City).   Tokyo is a city that just begs you to keep coming back!

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