Cost Cutting Tips for Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka

If you’re a true penny pinching traveler in Japan, maybe you’ll have skipped the shower and slept on the night bus between destinations. But if you really want to save money, have fun, see Japan, still get good rest and not smell too bad, follow a few of KKday’s tips. Your wallet will thank us!

Osaka Spa World – Onsen From Around The World


You may have heard of Osaka Spa World, it should already be on your list of places to go in the city. They have huge bath facilities here, and you really need to try relaxing in onsens from around the world, featuring different European styles such as Ancient Rome, Greek Medicinal Bath and Finnish Sauna House. Or maybe Asia is more to your taste, in which case, there’s Outdoor Japanese Baths, Bali or Persian themes and many more!

Spa World is huge, close to the city center and open 24 hours, making it ideal for spending the evenings, you can, if you choose, book a room or pay a late night fee and stay even longer!

Save Money by Booking Online : Spa World Onsen Tickets

Odaiba Tokyo Ooedo Onsen Monogatari


Tokyo’s Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is a large onsen with Edo period design and theme. It’s not as big as Osaka Spa World but you can easily spend a good few hours relaxing here.

On the second floor there is a rest room where there are lots of sofas and each sofa has a blanket. If you want to stay the night after your bath, you just need to pay a late night charge on top of the entrance fee and you can stay until the next day, a great way to relax and save on accommodation!

Kyoto Tower Public Bathhouse


A public bath in the basement of Kyoto Tower. This bath is not themed or built for entertainment, it’s a real bathhouse with plenty of shower heads. The opening times are from 7am until 10pm. Queues start forming from about 6:50am, the mornings are a popular time for a bath! It’s not the cheapest at 840 Yen, but if you need somewhere to clean off and relax it’s a decent option.

9H Capsule Hotel


9H Capsule Hotels are perfect for solo travelers and backpackers. The 9H in the name stands for the 9 hours you have from check-in to checkout to get some overnight rest in the cool, sci-fi pod capsules.

Other than the overnight stay, there is also a day rest service, which you can pay for per hour. The first hour is 900 yen and 9 hours is 2790 yen.

9H Hotel Capsule Hotels are in Kyoto, Sendai and Narita Airport

Kita No Yu Onsen


Compared to Spa World and Ooedo Onsen Monogatari, Kita No Yu Onsen is much smaller but also much cozier and quieter. There won’t be many tourists here and it’s also the cheapest option on our list, costing just 650 yen.

Normal opening hours are from : 10am to Midnight

Holiday opening hours are from : 9am to Midnight