5 Reasons We Love the Tropics

How many times have your friends decided on an “air-con” place to have a meal just because of the sweltering heat of Singapore, or Southeast Asia for that matter. The tropical humidity can get downright intolerable some days of the year. That’s usually when we find ourselves fantasizing about winter adventures, or cool mountain hikes in the fall. But home is home and here are some things we wouldn’t trade at all.

1. The Beaches

Tropical Asia: Boracay Beach
Tropical Asia: Boracay Beach, Philippines

It may sound cliche, but people who come from the other parts of the world will confirm that what makes a tropical paradise are its beaches. (READ: 10 Beautiful Bali Beaches). From the white sand beaches of Palawan and Boracay, to the stunning mountain beaches of Phuket, we take it for granted that the ocean is just a short drive away (READ: 8 Hidden Beaches Near Singapore for Your Weekend Getaways)

2. The Oceans

Tropical Asia: Scuba Diving in Palawan, Philippines
Tropical Asia: Scuba Diving in Palawan, Philippines

Speaking of oceans, another tropics-only attraction are the seas and oceans filled with colourful corals and marine life. Whether you decide to go helmet diving, scuba diving, or island hopping, there are countless ways to explore the great ocean blue.

3. The Food

Tropical Asia: Mt. Pico de Loro, Philippines
Tropical Asia: Balinese Cuisine, Indonesia

Living close to the equator has its upsides when it comes to food. And who doesn’t love food? Tropical climate makes for farming some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables that make their way into all sorts of delicious and exotic dishes. Whether you’re into Thai cuisine, Balinese cuisine, or Malaysian cuisine, take a food tour or try your hand at making these delicacies yourself! Book a Thai, Balinese, and Malaysian Cooking Class tour with KKday!

4. The Mountains

Tropical Asia: Mt. Pico de Loro, Philippines
Tropical Asia: Mt. Pico de Loro, Philippines

Apart from incredible oceans and beaches, the tropical climate makes for some lush forests and mountains. You’ll see endemic plants and animals, stunning waterfalls, and incredible views.

5. The Locals

Okay, we’re a little biased here. But how can we not be? Something about all the sun makes the locals from this neck of the woods (or the beach) some of the friendliest people around.

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