Getting Around Jeju

Jeju is a wonderful place to visit but, anyone who has been there will tell you, that getting around isn’t that easy. This is especially true if you don’t understand Korean. There is no metro system and away from the biggest attractions it can be tough to find a taxi. Not to worry, KKday is here to sort out the best ways to get around, allowing you to see more of this beautiful island.

By Car

Renting a car is of course great for freedom, go where you like, when you like. For some this isn’t an option, and be sure to check before booking a rental car that your license will be accepted.

The next best thing to renting your own car is hiring a car, plus driver. Again you get the benefit of freedom to go where and when you like. Just make a plan and give it to the driver, alternatively take one of the recommended routes or a mixture of the two, it’s very flexible. Not only do you save time with planning and getting around, it leaves you with more time doing the fun exploring stuff! This extra flexibility and freedom however, will naturally come at a slightly higher cost.

Positives: Ultimate freedom / Customizable itineraries / Save time / Get closer to the attractions and to places public transport doesn’t go

Negatives: Higher cost

Sightseeing Tour Buses

Most of the sightseeing tour bus services will focus on one of 4 island areas, north, south, east and west. Traveling with a one of these tour buses means, you can escape the city area and dive deep into Jeju’s top attractions and experiences. And lunch is included!

Flickr | iweatherman
Flickr | Republic of Korea

With the Jeju Sightseeing Tour Bus service all you need to do is pick an area to explore. The bus package includes hotel pickup and drop off.

Positives: Cheap / Loaded itineraries / Convenient hotel pickup and drop off

Negatives: A lack of flexibility / Each stop has a set time period

Full Day Guided Bus Tour of Eastern Jeju

Golden Bus City Tour

With a day pass on the Jeju Golden Bus City Tour, you can take unlimited rides in the city area, just hop on and hop off when you feel like it.

While taking the bus an English speaking tour guide will introduce passengers to the attractions and the stories behind them. Learn all about Jeju’s history while getting around on the Golden Bus!

Positives: A day pass gives you unlimited rides / Stops at lots of destinations / English speaking tour guide / Good value for money

Negatives: Bus only operates within the city / Not many buses – approximately 1 per hour (If you time it correctly though it is super convenient for getting around)

Jeju Golden Bus City Tour