These Mind-Blowing Activities in Cairns Will Make Your Day

Cairns is a magical place and its no coincidence that it is filled with exciting things to do in its natural wonderland. Taking advantage of the sunny skies, warm breezes, pristine beaches and clear waters, the activities in Cairns throws all your senses into overdrive. You can be assured there is never a dull day at the glorious Northern Queensland town.

Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome

Act like an animal while visiting the wildlife at Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome - KKDay
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Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome is located above the Reef Hotel Casino right in the heart of Cairns city. From the outside, you might mistaken the glass walled dome as a simple observation area, attracting tourists to the casino. However, the dome is so much more than that. Housing its very own rainforest environment and a pool, visitors will be able to interact with many Australian native animals living in their natural environment. Meeting adorable animals is all fine and good but the true excitement lies in the middle of the dome.

Towering over the entire sanctuary is an obstacle course of varying difficulty and heights. There are rock walls net walls, suspension bridges, zippiness and so much more. For those that love the challenge of heights, the Power Jump lets you fall 13 metres to the rainforest floor below. Once you’ve conquered that, attempt the Dome Climb, taking you to the top of the dome, balancing on a 60 centimetre wide ledge. Thankfully, you will be rewarded with a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous Cairns city.

So spend an afternoon zipping amongst the trees and animals then pop on downstairs for a game or two!


Glide through the rainforest on the Giant Swing - KKDay These Mind-Blowing Activities in Cairns Will Make Your Day
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Skypark is the land of Giant Jungle Swings, Bungy, and Walk the Plank. Situated in the middle of a North Queensland forest, the rides at Skylark is all about creating the thrill while appreciating the wonder of nature. Sail past the hills, dive through the canopy and look beyond the treetops to the Great Barrier Reef.

Don’t just attempt one activity, try them all. The Bungy launches you from 50 metres above a beautifully deep lagoon as you plunge down, head first, gracing the water’s surface. Follow that with the Giant Jungle Swing, zipping as fast as 120 km/h through the forest.  End your day of thrills with by Walking the Plank. Tip toe your way to the edge, 140 metres above sea level, walk out over the forest on a narrow plank. Do them all and prove to yourself how brave you are.

If you’re up for thrilling activities in Cairns, you definitely cannot look past the Skypark.

Sky Diving

Dive into Mission Beach in Cairns - KKDay
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Did you know that skydiving is an awesome way to catch the sights of Cairns? Drop over Mission Beach and have an eagle-eyed view of the region. Despite falling from 15,000 feet in the sky, you will be in safe hands strapped to an experienced instructor. And in turn, both of you will be strapped to a fully functioning parachute to ensure your safe landing on terra firma.

If you are an adrenalin addict, you definitely have to include sky diving in your list of activities in Cairns. It is doubtful there is any thing more thrilling and blood pumping than free falling through the sky. Land on the gorgeous Mission Beach and enjoy a breezy Pina Colada once you land.

White Water Rafting

better be quick white water rafting down Barron River - KKDay These Mind-Blowing Activities in Cairns Will Make Your Day
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Hang on to the raft while you paddle as if you life depended on it. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, then you’ll love going white water rafting on the Barron River. Join Foaming Fury in negotiating the Grade 3 rapids on Barron River as you battle waves over a metre tall. Subsequently, if you can tear your eyes from the river, enjoy the majestic rain forested mountains, Cliffside’s, and gorgeous Barron Falls surrounding the river.

Alternatively, you might enjoy a slightly calmer day on the water, river tubing. Mulgrave River is strong flowing river with small rapids which makes it perfect for and exciting location for tubing. While you’ll enjoy constant motion and little tumbles, the ride will be far less turmulous than white water rafting. Consequently, this gives you ample opportunity to admire the lush natural rainforest along the way.

Foaming Fury is indeed a destination for river activities in Cairns.

Fitzroy Island Cruise

Spend the day on Fitzroy Island's pristine beaches and snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef - KKDay These Mind-Blowing Activities in Cairns Will Make Your Day
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There is not much better than spending a relaxing day on the pristine beaches of Fitzroy Island. Furthermore, you can break up your hours on the sand by snorkelling over the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Alternatively, hop on to a glass bottomed boat to admire the undersea ecosystem while keeping dry. Moreover, you can even take the time to explore the island and its thick thriving rainforest.

If that sounds appealing, and how can it not, join the cruise to Fitzroy Island from Cairns so you can live out that very day described. Therefore if you are up to some relaxing activities in Cairns, look no further than a cruise to Fitzroy Island.


You can almost be assured of a fantastic time in Cairns with their thrilling recreation around the region. Cairns is not a place to stay in sleep but a land of outdoor adventures. For that reason, slap on your sunscreen and get to having fun! Before you do, head to KKDay to check out more deals and attractions to make this holiday an unforgettable one.