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5 Things to do in Cairns for the Family

Queensland’s motto of “Gorgeous one day, perfect the next” is especially applicable in Cairns where the weather is tropical all the time. There are many things to do in Cairns for a family and many of them will be outdoors to take advantage of the surf and sun.

While there are many attractions to see in Cairns, there are just as many things for families to do. So hold on to your socks as this list is about to blow them off!

Kuranda Rainforest Journeys ATV and Quad Bike Tour

Explore the Kuranda Rainforest on a buggy - KKDay 5 Things to do in Cairns for the Family
Explore the Kuranda Rainforest on a buggy via Kuranda Rainforest Journeys Quad Bike and Buggy Tours website

There is no better way to to explore the Kuranda rainforest than on a buggy or an ATV. Talk about adventurous things to do in Cairns! Not only do you get to experience one of the lushest and oldest rainforests in the Southern Hemisphere, you do it while atop an ATV.

You might catch a glimpse of native Cassowaries and grab a taste of some tropical fruit. Meanwhile, relax on a buggy ride, zoom around on an ATV, or drive your own three-seater Can-am through the rainforest. Located near the Skyrail‘s Baron Falls Station, you can combine a day out on the cable car with this adventure into the forest.

Fees: There are many ways to take the rainforest tour. A one hour ATV or buggy tour starts from AUD $88.70 for adult and AUD $70.80 for child or AUD $280 for the family (2A + 2C).

Cairns Hot Air Balloon Tour

Welcome the new day in a hot air balloon - KKDay 5 Things to do in Cairns for the Family
Pre-dawn flight to check out the sunrise on a hot air balloon via Hot Air Balloon Cairns Facebook page

There’s just something about watching the sunrise while floating many meters up in the sky. Set off in the cool misty pre-dawn and soar high into the Queensland sky. Meanwhile, watch as the sun rises and illuminates the beautiful landscape of the Atherton Tablelands. Even if you are not a sight-seer, the thrill of sailing through the air in a basket is sure to wake you up! When it comes to things to do in Cairns, taking a hot air balloon ride is something special.

Fees: The hot air balloon ride includes transfers to and from Cairns city. You can book this amazing trip for AUD $390 per person.

Aussie Drifterz Rainforest Tubing Tours

Have fun tubing down rapids - KKDay 5 Things to do in Cairns for the Family
Tubing down rapids via Aussie Drifterz Rainforest Tube Tours website

Is the family itching for some water-sporting things to do in Cairns? Then choose between Behana Gorge and Mulgrave River to get your tubing action on. Both locations afford you gorgeous views of either the rainforest at Behana Gorge or the stunning mountainous views from the Mulgrave River in the valley.

If you are after a serene, relaxing tube journey, float down the Behana Gorge with its gentle waters and slight rapids. Alternatively the Mulgrave River route will take you down gentle running waters with small white water rapids, giving you a little thrill to the tour. Each member of the family (from five years old) will adore this adventurous water activity, while being immersed in nature.

Fees: The tubing tours include transfers to and from Cairns and Northern Beaches. Book your water adventure now for AUD $99 for adult, AUD $75 for child, or AUD $338 as a family (2A + 2C).

Kur Cow Barnwell Horse Ride and ATV Combo

Go on a trail ride round the farm - KKDay 5 Things to do in Cairns for the Family
Farm trail ride via Kur Cow Barnwell Farm Facebook page

What is a trip to Australia without a farm visit? First, learn about cattle rearing on a tour round the farm, then hop on a horse and take a trail ride round the property. Follow that with an exciting ATV ride through the property to checkout the cattle in their pastures.

There is truly something for everyone at Kur Cow Barnwell Farm. Tell most little girls they’ll be riding horses and this farm visit will make it to the top of the things to do in Cairns. Furthermore, the boys in your tribe will holler with joy once they hear about the ATV ride. Not forgetting mum and dad, premium steak is served at the Restaurant-Guru recommended destination restaurant. Make it a fun day and visit the Kur Cow Barnwell Farm.

Fees: Make everyone happy and book a Horse Ride and ATV Combo for AUD $139 per person. Add AUD $30 per person for return transfers from Cairns and AUD $20 per person for return transfers from Kuranda Village.

Fitzroy Island Whale Watching Cruise

Whale watching and beach fun at Fitzroy Island - KKDay 5 Things to do in Cairns for the Family
Whale Watching at the Great Barrier Reef

Australia is fortunate to be located along the whale migration route from Antartica and visitors to Cairns can enjoy the spectacular sights of breeching whales a few times a year. Add that to a few hours laying on the gorgeous Nudey Beach on Fitzroy Island and you have yourself a beautiful day.

Departing from Cairns’ Reef Fleet Terminal, your troupe will take a catamaran out to Fitzroy Island for a couple of hours of fun in the sun. Remember to keep watch of the time to make it onto the whale watching cruise. The ninety minute round trip at the Barrier Reef will place you right in the midst of the migrating whales ensuring you’ll catch any that swim by. Finish off the boat trip with another jaunt at Fitzroy Island or choose to head back to the mainland. Whichever your selection, your family will be delighted for the day out on the water.

Fees: Go watch the whales for AUD $95 for adult and AUD $75 for child.