A K-Drama Fan’s Ultimate Guide To ‘Crash Landing On You’ Filming Locations In Switzerland

Switzerland has been making headlines lately. For one, it’s been declared the safest country for travelers to visit this 2020—at least, according to a survey conducted by French insurance company Insurly. Another—and probably the most-talked-about reason—for appearing in the hit Korean drama series Crash Landing On You (CLOY), which stars hallyu heavyweights Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin.

The hugely successful tvN drama (also released on Netflix!) follows the story of North Korean army officer Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok, who falls in love with spoiled South Korean heiress (think Paris Hilton) Yoon Se-ri. The show proved to be a roller coaster ride of emotions, bringing lots of tear-jerking and heart-fluttering moments to its viewers. But where does Switzerland fit in this compelling series about star-crossed lovers? 

Well, the country’s stunning and dreamy landscapes served as the perfect backdrops to some of the most memorable scenes in the drama and its teasers. And if you’re an avid fan of the show, we’re pretty sure you’d love to check out these locations for the ultimate CLOY pilgrimage in Switzerland. (Needless to say, spoilers ahead—proceed at your own risk!)



Münsterbrücke, Zürich

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The Scenes: Münsterbrücke was actually featured in the first teaser of the show, which was released in November last year. In the trailer, Yoon Se-ri is seen leaning on the bridge’s railing, staring off into the distance, clad in her posh ensemble. It also made an appearance in the episode where Seo Dan pays Ri Jonghyeok a visit for the first time. 

The Location: Opened in 1838, Münsterbrücke is a pedestrian and road bridge in Zürich’s old town (Altstadt), built over the river Limmat. It connects two famous cathedrals, namely the Fraumünster and the Grossmünster.

Address: Münsterbrücke 8001 Zürich

How To Get There: Take Zürich Tram Lines 4, 11, or 15 to Helmhaus Tram Station



Lindenhof, Zürich

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The Scenes: Lindenhof is actually shown in the opening sequence of the show, where Ri Jong-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri are seen crossing the square. In the series, however, it is where Se-ri mistakes a pianist for Jeong-hyeok.

The Location: Lindenhof is a square in Altstadt, not too far away from Münsterbrücke. It overlooks the Limmat river and the Old Town. 

Address: Lindenhof 8001, Zürich

How To Get There: From Zürich Main Station (you may take the Swiss Federal Train or SBB/CFF/FFS) take a 10-minute walk to the direction of the square



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Schorren, Iseltwald

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The Scene: Schorren appears in the opening sequence of CLOY as the street by Lake Brienz where the two protagonists walk, with Seeburg Castle seen in the background.

The Location: Schorren is a street in the village of Iseltwald. It’s part of a walking trail that links Iseltwald to neighboring village Giessbach.  

Address: Schorren, Iseltwald, Bern

How To Get There: Make your way to Interlaken Ost Station via the Swiss Federal Train (SBB/CFF) then take bus no. 103 to Iseltwald, Dorfplatz and take a 10-minute walk from there



Kleine Scheidegg

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The Scene: Jeong-hyeok and Se-ri come to this pass on their own at the end of episode 2. This is where they watched paragliders drifting in the sky years before their fateful meeting in North Korea. 

The Location: This mountain pass in the Swiss Alps is a popular tourist attraction, mainly because it’s where you will find the last stop of Wengernalp Railway, which is known as the world’s longest continuous rack and pinion railway. Kleine Scheidegg sits between the Eiger and Lauberhorn, and is dotted with several restaurants and hotels.

Address: Kleine Scheidegg, 3823 Lauterbrunnen

How To Get There: Take the Jungfrau Railway (first stop) or the Wengernalp Railway (last stop) to Kleine Scheidegg Railway Station



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Landing Stage, Lake Brienz, Switzerland

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The Scene: In episode 3, Ri Jeong-hyeok poignantly reminisces his time playing the piano in solitude on this wooden “stage” built on the picturesque Lake Brienz.

The Location: The dramatic landing stage can be found right in front of the private residences Seepark Iseltwald and next to the boat’s stop Harbor Iseltwald. 

Address: Strandhotel, Am Strand 77, 3807 Iseltwald

How To Get There: You have two options to get here: Take a ship to Harbor Iseltwald (See) or Take the SBB/CFF to Interlaken Ost Station then hop on bus no. 103 to Iseltwald, Dorfplatz



Panoramabrücke Sigriswil

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The Scene: In episode 4, while taking photos of the Bernese Alps on Sigriswil Panoramic Bridge, Jeong-hyeok spots an anxious Se-ri—a complete stranger to him at the time. Realizing what was about to happen, he asks her to take a picture of him with his fiancé Seo-dan. The agitated Se-ri then obliges to his request.

The Location: Sigriswil Panorama Bridge is a scenic pedestrian suspension bridge that spans 340 meters, stretching 180 meters over the Gummi Gorge. It offers a breathtaking view of the Thun Lake and the Bernese Alps. 

Address: Raftstrasse 31-33, 3655 Sigriswil

How To Get There: Take the train (SBB/CFF) to Thun Station then hop on bus no. 25 to Sigriswil, Dorf; the bridge is a 5-minute walk from there



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The Scene: Jeong-hyeok and Seo-dan wander off beyond Sigriswil Panoramic Bridge to have their photo taken. Se-ri eventually clicks their picture at a walking trail, which appears again in episode 11, highlighting the jealous Seo-dan. 

The Location: This 2.36-kilometer walking trail on the minor summit First on the slopes of Scharzhorn Mountain treats hikers to breathtaking views of Wetterhorn Mountain in the Swiss Alps. 

Address: First-Schreckfeld, 3818 Grindelwald

How To Get There: Take the cablecar from First Railway to Grindelwald-First Summit Station



Schweizer Heimatwerk 

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The Scene: In the epilogue of episode 11, Se-ri and Seo-dan are seen shopping for sweets in this store.

The Location: Schweizer Heimatwerk is an almost-a-century-old chain of gift shops in Zurich, specializing in souvenir items proudly made in Switzerland. The branch featured in CLOY can be found on Uriana Street, which is just a few minutes’ walk from The Lindenhof and Münsterbrücke.

Address: Uraniastrasse 1, 8001 Zurich

How To Get There: Make your way to Zurich Main Station (SBB/CFF/FFS) then walk to the direction of Uriana Street


First Flieger, Grindelwald

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The Scene: At last, Jeong-hyeok and Se-ri reunite in Switzerland, with the marvelous view of Grindelwald as their backdrop. 

The Location: First Flieger is a popular paragliding site in Switzerland. Thrill-seekers flock here for a surge of adrenaline whilst admiring fantastic vistas. 

Address: First Flieger, Bergstation Firstbahn, 3818 Grindelwald

Website: Jungfrau Top of Europe 

How To Get There: For directions and arrival options, click here 



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Grandhotel Giessbach

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The Scene: Flashes of Jeong-hyeok’s past shows him in his youth as a student in a Swiss music school before entering the military.

The Location: This 19th-century hotel has quite a history to tell. It was a favorite meeting place of high society—from diplomats to emperors to kings—until its closure in 1979. Today, completely renovated and reopened, Grandhotel Giessbach gives guests a glimpse of the former Swiss splendor.

Address: Giessbach, 3855 Brienz

Website: Grandhotel Giessbach 

How To Get There: For directions and arrival options, click here 



Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

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The Scene: Se-ri attends a piano recital in a sophisticated venue towards the end of the drama. 

The Location: Set against the beautiful Bernese Highlands, Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa is a classic-style luxury hotel that also features a range of contemporary moods. It has an indoor swimming pool, outdoor brine bath, a sauna complex, and whirlpools—among many others. 

Address: Höheweg 41, 3800 Interlaken

Website: Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa 

How To Get There: By train, make your way to Interlaken West then take a 10-minute walk to the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa. Alternatively, you may take a taxi from the station or have a pick-up service arranged if you are staying at the hotel



Lake Lungern, Obwalden

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The Scene: In the epilogue of the final episode, we see Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok meeting in a valley by an emerald green lake, sharing a kiss to conclude the epic romantic drama. 

The Location: The lake in the scene is called Lake Lungern, named after the town on its shore. It can be found in the canton of Obwalden in the center of Switzerland. 

Address: 6078, Lungern, Obwalden

How To Get There: Take a train from Interlaken Ost to go directly to Lungern




While a lot of memorable scenes from Crash Landing On You featured Switzerland, a good fraction of the show was still filmed in South Korea. From Chungju to Busan to Jeju Island, here’s a shortlist of CLOY’s filming locations in the Land of the Morning Calm that you can visit on your next K-Drama pilgrimage:


Byeolmaro Observatory – Yeongwol

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Any CLOY fan will recognize this place as the launching ground for paragliders in the pilot episode of the series, when Se-ri was trying out her new line of activewear. IRL, Byeolmaro Observatory is a planetarium built on a hilltop that treats visitors to excellent views.

Address: San 59 Yeongheung-ri, Yeongwol-eup, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea



Hallasan National Park – Jeju Island

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The iconic scene that inspired the show’s title was filmed in Hallasan National Park on Jeju Island. It is a UNESCO-listed Biosphere Reserve frequented by nature-lovers. You may book a package tour with KKday to experience the best of Hallasan National Park and around on your trip to Jeju Island.

Address: 2070-61 1100(Cheonbaek)-ro, Odeung-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea



Tangeum Lake Rainbow Bridge – Chungju

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That super romantic scene in which Seo-dan and Seung-joon finally realize their feelings for each other took place on this bridge in Chungju. It is especially popular at night, when it’s illuminated by multi-colored lights.

Address: Tapjeongan-gil, Jungangtap-myeon, Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-dp 27447, South Korea



Commodore Hotel – Busan

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What’s depicted as the most luxurious hotel in Pyongyang on the show was filmed at the Commodore Hotel in Busan. It’s particularly famous for its traditional Korean-style architecture and proximity to Gimhae International Airport.

Address: 151 Junggu-ro, Daechangdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea


Café Zino – Gyeonggi-do

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This café in Paju, Gyeonggi-do has made a lot of appearances in K-Dramas in the past, with CLOY as the most recent one. Café Zino takes after European cafés and chocolatiers, with its lavish and classic interiors.


Address: 94-5 Daedong-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea



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