Unusual Experiences You’d Love To Try In Taiwan

When it comes to cultural immersion while traveling across Taiwan, not everyone is content with visiting historic spots, shrines, and museums. If you want to add something a little different to your itinerary, here are some unusual things to do in Taiwan:



Go Clam Digging

Witness the life of fishermen and learn how they harvest clams, conches, and fishes. Try clam digging, conch picking, or rocky shore fishing. Stroll along the beach that covers areas from Houhu Lake, the south side of the island, to Sihu Lake. Explore the traditional Oucuo village. 

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Swim with Turtles

Breathtaking landscape, clear waters, and thriving marine ecology—all this and more can be found in Xiaoliuqiu, the only blue coral outlying island. Find yourself swimming with turtles in the beautiful seawater of Xiaoliuqiu. Guided by coaches, go snorkeling in the presence of marine creatures nearby. You’ll be given a tutorial and dive skins and equipment to use before going to the water. You may also avail underwater photography services so you can have beautiful pictures of life under the sea. 

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Make Your Own Wood Chopsticks

Ever wonder if there is art in making chopsticks? In Taiwan, wooden craft values skill in carpentry, which involves producing great texture and careful carving. Join a carpenter wooden craft workshop in Houli, Taichung and take pride in having made your own chopsticks.

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Create A Wooden Swing Storage Box

If you’ve already mastered creating chopsticks, learn how to make your own wooden swing storage box at Testrite Maker, a DIY space owned by furniture and storage retailing firm B&Q. Guided by an experienced instructor, you and your children can follow easy step-by-step instructions. Smell the wood scent while you decorate your box. 

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Catch Shrimp

Go shrimp fishing in Taiwan! Once you’re in the local restaurant, you’ll be given a fishing rod and a set of bait and catch fish in their rectangular pool. Enjoy freshly caught shrimp on the grill. Feast on a delicious meal in a fun and cozy setting. Cap off your meal with beer.

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Roast Coffee Beans

Learn how to roast your own coffee beans in Ximending. After attending a hands-on coffee bean roasting class led by a coffee enthusiast, you’ll discover how to brew, savor different flavors of coffee, and determine what is good coffee. You’ll be able to bring home two packs of roasted coffee beans.  

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Make Your Own Bubble Tea

Join a class of locals and travelers on a food tour. Walk through the market together with a local chef. Try unique street food and meet vendors and shop owners. Learn how to make bubble tea using colorful bubbles and show off your product to friends on social media. This hands-on session will immerse you to true Taiwanese food culture!

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Climb a Tree

Unleash the adventurer in you! Head to the mountainous areas of Shizhi in Taiwan and climb a tree. You can bring your children to this guided experience. A certified coach will be present as you climb on top of four-story trees. Enjoy the magnificent views from the top. 

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Watch a Movie Afloat in the Air

You read that right! Experience watching a movie in a 5D audio-visual flying theater. At i-Ride Taipei, you get to watch a film while you’re suspended on your seat and feet dancing in the air. Prepare for special effects such as water, hot and cooling wind, and certain orders and scents. 

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