Osaka Food Trip: What and Where to Eat

If you’re a food lover, then Osaka should be at the top of your Japan travel itinerary. The city is a gastronomic paradise, where you’ll find everything from street food to fine dining, all packed with delicious flavors. 

Osaka is famous for its unique local cuisine, dubbed Kansai-style or Osaka-style, characterized by hearty umami flavors. Its street food scene is also particularly renowned, with Dotonbori being the heart of it all, and you’ll find that many from our list are best found here. 

Come hungry, leave satisfied — we’ve listed the best Osaka food and where to eat them for the ultimate Osaka food trip!



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Where to eat it: Various stalls at Dotonbori; Takoyaki Yamachan in Abeno Ward

Takoyaki is a dish that’s as fun to eat as it is to say, and it’s one of the true representatives of Osaka’s vibrant street food scene. It is often topped with a variety of savory sauces, green laver, and dried bonito flakes, adding an extra layer of flavor and texture. 

Dotonbori is a great place to start for a takoyaki sampling spree — from Kukuru to Wanaka and Juhachiban. But don’t stop there, as you can find takoyaki stands all over Osaka, including Takoyaki Yamachan in the Abeno area.



Where to eat it: Mizuno in Dotonbori; Kiji in Kita Ward

Osaka-style okonomiyaki is made with different ingredients such as cabbage, seafood, and meat, grilled teppanyaki-style, giving it a unique crispy exterior and a fluffy interior. It is often topped with a variety of savory sauces, mayonnaise, green laver, and dried bonito flakes. 

Head to famous okonomiyaki joints like Mizuno in Dotonbori or Kiji in the Kita area, both of which have been serving up delicious okonomiyaki for decades. Trust us, okonomiyaki will be the one dish you’ll crave even after your trip is over.



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Where to eat it: Yukari in Umeda, Kita Ward; Ajinoya in Namba (near Dotonbori)

Yakisoba is a versatile stir-fried noodle dish typically made with various meats, seafood, and plenty of vegetables. Its sauce gives it its distinct flavor — a combination of Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and ketchup, among others, delivering an exciting symphony to your palate.

When it comes to finding the best yakisoba in Osaka, head straight to the legends — Yukari in Umeda and the Bib Gourmand-rated Ajinoya in Namba, where you can get a real taste of tradition.


Kitsune Udon

via Dotonbori Imai

Where to eat it: Dotonbori Imai in Dotonbori; Tsurutontan Soemoncho in Chuo Ward (near Dotonbori)

If you want something to chase away the cold or satisfy a big appetite, kitsune udon is a hearty noodle dish you shouldn’t miss on your Osaka food trip. This classic Osaka comfort food features thick udon noodles in a flavorful dashi broth, topped with aburaage or deep-fried tofu.

You’ll find various udon joints speckled on the streets of Osaka, but you’ll get the best enjoyment from Dotonbori Imai’s timeless ambiance and Tsurutontan Soemoncho’s exciting menu. 


Takaida-kei Ramen

via Menya Joroku

Where to eat it: Menya 7.5 Hz in Umeda, Kita Ward; Menya Joroku in Namba, Chuo Ward

Did you know? The birthplace of instant ramen is none other than Osaka! It’s also the home of the popular brand Nissin! Today, Osaka continues to be a hub for delicious and innovative ramen creations.

A regional specialty unique to Osaka is Takaida-kei ramen, featuring thick, straight noodles in a rich and flavorful dark soy sauce-based broth made from chicken and kelp stock. The most popular restaurants specializing in this type of ramen are Menya 7.5 Hz and Menya Joroku. But let no one hold you back — Osaka’s ramen scene has plenty of other options at every turn.



via Sushitsune

Where to eat it: Sushitsune in Kita Ward; Sushizanmai in Dotonbori

The city is also a great place to enjoy various seafood specialties as the primary ingredients are harvested fresh from Osaka Bay. As for sushi, Osaka presents a unique take on the classic dish with its oshizushi or pressed sushi —  created by expertly layering sushi rice with fish and various ingredients, compressed and then cut into a bite-size masterpiece.

For the best oshizushi in Osaka, Sushitsune leads the pack — with over a century of oshizushi expertise and a Bib Gourmand seal of approval. Another great option is Sushizanmai in Dotonbori offering a premium selection of fish. 



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Where to eat it: Yunagibashi Takoyasu in Minato Ward; Guenpin in multiple Osaka locations

If you’re up for a challenge, fugu is a daring delicacy containing literal poison that could kill you if not prepared correctly. Despite that, Osaka’s infatuation with this dish is clear as day — just take a stroll down Dotonbori and you’ll see more fugu restaurants than you can count.

Your pufferfish pilgrimage should start at Yunagibashi Takoyasu, a Michelin-starred restaurant recognized for its culinary heritage spanning three generations. Follow it up with a visit to Guenpin Fugu, offering the finest grade of torafugu or tiger puffer.



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Where to eat it: Kushikatsu Daruma and Yaekatsu in Shinsekai, Naniwa Ward

Kushikatsu is a type of skewer made with a variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, or fruits — practically anything you can think of! This deep-fried delight can be traced back to the lesser-known Shinsekai, a historic neighborhood that exudes a quaint charm, filled with small shops and standing kushikatsu bars.

Indulge in a smorgasbord of options to try at Kushikatsu Daruma and Yaekatsu, both permanent fixtures of Shinsekai spearing generations of appetite with stick-served delights.


Japanese Pancakes

via Gram Cafe

Where to eat it: A Happy Place in Shinsaibashi, Chuo Ward; Gram Cafe in Osaka-jo, Chuo Ward

Japanese souffle pancakes are fluffy clouds made with a special batter that makes them light and soft. They’re often served with different toppings such as fruits, whipped cream, and syrup.

Different cafes put their own spin on souffle pancakes that make the experience even more delightful and full of fluffy surprises. Let your first stop be A Happy Place with its impressive offer of toppings. Also, check out the trendy Gram Cafe with its beautifully decorated three-stack pancakes.


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