Best Experiences: A Day At Kinabalu National Park And Around

You need not scale the heights of Mt. Kinabalu to appreciate its beauty. After all, Malaysia’s highest peak is quite a sight to behold from any point—whether it’s from your plane’s window, as it peeks through a sea of clouds, or from the city of Sabah. 

So if you want a great vantage point to catch an unforgettable glimpse of this majestic wonder without the daunting 2D1N climb, you can simply head on over to Kinabalu National Park and enjoy a day of communing with nature. Its surrounding areas also offer great experiences for a healing and scenic holiday.


Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park
mrfiza via Shutterstock

This UNESCO-listed heritage site embracing Mt. Kinabalu is arguably Sabah’s most popular tourist destination. It flaunts a rich collection of biodiversity, serving as home to over 5,000 species of flora and fauna. A perfect destination for people with an adventurous spirit, Kinabalu National Park is rife with activities that will pique the interest of explorers of all ages—from camping to trekking to plant-spotting. Here’s a challenge: Try to find the world’s largest pitcher plant on your visit!

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Moroli River Fish Spa

Moroli River Fish Spa
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Sink your feet in a river’s cool waters and let hundreds of fish massage your feet, as you feed them. The sensation is tickling and slightly stinging. But this kind of spa treatment is locally deemed to have curative effects, especially on people who suffer from psoriasis. But even if it doesn’t, it’s a fun and unique experience nonetheless.


Poring Hot Springs

Poring Hot Springs
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Your pampering escapade doesn’t end at Moroli River Fish Spa. Not too far away you will find the hot springs of Poring, a popular resort destination among locals and tourists alike. Ease your body’s aches and sores by taking a dip into a pool of water infused with sulfuric minerals. 

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Canopy Walk

Poring Canopy Walk View
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For thrill-seekers who are craving a different kind of high—literally—walking across the Poring Canopy Walkway is a definite must! The walkway is over 175 meters long and 43 meters high. And, it treats you to a spectacular view of the lush Borneo rainforest high up on the treetops!

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Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm Landscape
Farizun Amrod Saad via Shutterstock

Complete your day tour with a stop at Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. A picturesque farm with verdant grasslands that stretch as far as the eye can see, it welcomes visitors to learn more about milk processing—from milking the cows to packaging. Before you leave, make sure to buy some fresh milk or have a go at their cheeses and ice creams. 

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