Taichung’s Best Eats and Where To Try Them

The culinary scene in Taiwan is just as colorful as its destinations– be it the array of street food in its night markets, or the many flavors of bubble teas sold in malls and stalls. But if you’re looking for unique foodie experiences than the usual favorites, Taichung is the place to be. It’s literally a foodie paradise to explore–and here are the essential Taichung eats that will make you crave more. 


Miyahara Ice Cream

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More than their very Instagrammable space, Miyahara is known for serving the best-tasting ice creams in the Taichung area. You’ll easily spot this ice cream parlor– just look where the long lines are. People line up to order far from the usual flavors like raisins mascarpone, tea-infused flavors, lychee, and several kinds of chocolates. You could even add luxury toppings to add a flair to your ice cream cone. 

Location: No. 20, Zhongshan Rd, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan


Sun cake (Tai yang bing)

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This pastry has been around since the Qing dynasty; it’s a traditional dessert that’s flaky and filled with buttery and caramel-like filling. Around Taichung, you’ll see some pastry shops having their own version with other flavors like strawberry and taro. These sun cakes are best paired with tea, as ideal snacks for an afternoon delight. Create your own delicious sun cakes by joining a DIY at Nine Suns, one of the best bakeries in Taichung. 

Location: No. 176, Section 1, Taiwan Blvd, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan


Bubble tea

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Bubble tea or boba is popular all over Taiwan. But did you know that Taichung is actually the birthplace of this popular drink? It’s believed that it all started in the ’80s, when a teahouse called Chun Shui Tang opened and introduced the concept of cold tea. Up to the present, the teashop still operates so you’ve got to taste the authentic pearl milk tea and their signature black tea. If you prefer your tea hot, they also have them on their menu.

Location: No. 30, Siwei Street, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan


Spicy Hotpot

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The best way to try lots of flavors in one go is by going to a hotpot restaurant. Taichung is best known for its spicy hotpot places where apart from the ingredients, it’s the spiced soup base that people come back for. Restaurants have their own version of spicy soup but nevertheless, they’re all very tasty. One restaurant that locals love is Xiaomengniu, known for their bestselling health hotpot that contains various nutritional benefits.

Location: Beitun District, Section 4, Wenxin Road, Xiao Mengniu Top Spicy Hot Pot Taichung Store


Oyster congee (ke zi zhou)

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This classic Taichung dish is perfect for cold weather. It’s your typical rice porridge but with an added twist: the oyster adds the salty and seafood flavor to the comforting dish. Add some chili if you want a kick of spice or herbs for that fresh aroma. You can buy oyster congee at night markets, particularly in the Fifth Market. 


Chicken feet jelly (ji jiao dong)

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It’s a unique dish that’s normally sold in street food stalls. It’s surprisingly tender and flavorful, with a gelatinous texture to the bite. It’s good to pair with beer, as the main dish, or eaten by itself. Plus, it’s also very healthy to eat as it contains a high amount of collagen. Most of Taichung’s night market sells this dish!


Braised pork with rice (lu rou fan)

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Taiwanese braised pork rice is always a hit wherever you go. It’s not only delicious, but it’s very filling too. One bowl consists of pork belly, egg, and vegetables on top of a steaming bowl of rice. Get it from hawker centers, street stalls, night markets, or malls– it’s a popular dish you’ll never have to look hard enough for. Some restaurants like Yui Tang Chun serve it as simply as possible but are packed with flavors in every bite. 

Location: No. 220, Section 1, Meicun Rd, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan


Fengren Ice

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If desserts are your thing, you have to try the classic Fengren Ice. This shaved ice dish is served with ice cream, beans, and plum-flavored ice. It’s a refreshingly cheap treat you’d want on a hot summer day. This tasty dessert is sold at Yi Zhong Fengren Ice, which is a small stall near Taichung’s First Senior High. 


Sausage with sticky rice

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Meat lovers, here’s one for you– Taiwan’s popular sausage with sticky rice. It’s basically a sausage wrapped in sticky rice, but what makes it a crowd-favorite is that the sausage is juicier and sweeter compared to normal sausage. Enjoy it with a bun and garnish it with sauce or vegetables as you walk the streets of Taichung’s night market. 


Stinky tofu

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Don’t be fooled by the name– it may not be so pleasant-smelling, but once you try this, you’d know why locals love this dish. Stinky tofu is a fermented bean curd. It’s a street food staple in Taiwan, and your foodie experience in Taichung wouldn’t be complete without trying the quintessential dish that only the brave can try! These are also available in night markets. 


Fish ball soup

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Apart from spicy hotpot, locals also love their bowl of hot, comforting fish ball soup. This noodle soup dish contains bok choy and fish balls as its meat. It’s light yet flavorful, one you’d want to eat on a cold winter night. Fishball soup is Taichung Bawan’s popular dish, so go there if you want to try this slurp-worthy dish. 


Milk steamed bun (mantou)

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Another popular dish to try on your food trip in Taichung is mantou. It’s cheap but satisfying for snacks while on the road. These buns are filled with different kinds of flavors like cheese red bean, or even pork. Tien Tien Manju sells mantou, an unassuming stall along the Central District. 

Location: Lane 336, Section 1, Taiwan Blvd, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan



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