Your Crazy Rich Asians 2-Day Itinerary in Singapore!

If New York has Sex and the City, then Singapore has Crazy Rich Asians. SG is known to be a paradise for both nature and city lovers, from top-notch Changi Airport Lounge access, mystical Gardens by the Bay sights to luxury sports car driving, we are here to show you that you don’t need to be crazy or rich to maximize your Singapore experience and to impersonate your  favorite characters from the story.

Prepare your vacation funds, the playground of the super rich lifestyle is about to open up for you.

Your Crazy Rich Asians 2-Day Itinerary:

Changi Airport Lounge

Changi Airport (image via Shutterstock)

First of all, Changi Airport isn’t your ordinary airport, so expect nothing but luxury from the world’s number one airport. The first Singaporean scene we see in the movie offers the magical tropical getaway – it would be a crime not to explore it!

Brighten your day (or night) by visiting the airport’s gardens with the most alluring array of sunflowers, orchids, and butterflies collection you’ll ever see. Not really a nature lover? Then buy a ticket or two to a family-friendly indoor airport theater.

But if that’s not ‘crazy rich’ enough for you, recharge by staying at the upscale lounge offering V.I.P. hospitality, relaxing services, and spacious environment.

Famous travel blogger, Aileen, is about to start her crazy rich journey
Travel blogger, Aileen, about to start her crazy rich journey

Before departing Changi Airport, make sure to pick up a SIM card and E-Z Link Card for 24/7 data access right from your fingertips.

For heavy luggage, or big families with kids book this private airport transfer to Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore.

  • Cost: S$40

Where To Stay

Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore

Daily comfort is essential for a jam-packed itinerary. Enjoy an easy escape from the hustle and bustle of the city by staying at the Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore. Best for the independent, savvy traveler, this hotel is neat, spacious, and (surprisingly) cost-effective.

  • How To Get There:

Too bad we can’t all obtain a personal SUV pickup like in the movie. For quick and  budget-friendly transfer, just follow our simple instructions below:

  1. Take an 8-minute train from Changi Airport to Tanah Merah
  2. Then, then ride another 18-minute train from Tanah Merah to Bugis
  3. From Bugis, take an 8-minute bus or a 13-minute walk to Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore
  • Address: No. 8 Wilkie Road #01-26 Wilkie Edge, Singapore 228095

Day 1: Strike a pose like a Crazy Rich Asian

9:00am: Gardens By The Bay

Start your day by reliving the once in a lifetime bloom of Ah Ma’s tan haus by strolling around and taking in the lovely fragrances of Gardens By The Bay.

You can’t throw a grand party and invite all your family members like the movie, but you can expect to be astonished by the vibrant environment and different grand monuments such as the Secret Life of Trees, OCBC Skyway, and the floating illusion of the Planet. Book your tickets here.

  • How To Get There: (from Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore)
  1. Take a  6-minute walk to Rochor SMRT
  2. Then, from Rochor SMRT, hop onto a 5-minute transport to Bayfront
  3. Finally, an 8-minute walk from Bayfront to Gardens By The Bay
  • Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

11:30am: Merlion Park

(image via Shutterstock)
(image via Shutterstock)

Ready your selfie sticks, tripods, and cameras because the legendary view of the half lion and half fish statue is a must-see. Pose with your loved ones while admiring the Merlion and the exquisite Marina Bay Sands background.

  • How To Get There:
  • Either take a 2-minute taxi ride or a 15-minute walk from Marina Gardens to One Fullerton
  • Address:One Fullerton, Singapore

12:00pm: Newton Food Centre

(image via Shutterstock)
Taste delicious fried bread found in most hawker stalls (image via Shutterstock)

What is the most relatable scene in the movie? Not how we all drooled over Nick Young’s chivalry, but how we would all love to gorge on diverse dishes.

Exactly like the scene where the fabulous four couple ate (Nick, Rachel, Collin, and Araminta), Newton Food Centre provides an open air food complex that brings out an amazing collection of street vendors to satisfy one’s hunger after a long morning from touring.

Fun fact: Each stall sells just one dish because they’ve been perfecting it for generations, so it won’t be surprising to lose yourselves while tasting a fried oyster omelette or delectable duck noodles.

  • How To Get There:
  1. Start by taking a 6-Minute walk to Raffles Place
  2. Afterwards, catch a 9-Minute Subway ride from Raffles Place to Newton
  3. Lastly, take a 2-minute walk to Newton Food Centre
  • Address: 500 Clemenceau Avenue, Newton Singapore

1:30pm: Colour Boxes

(image via Shutterstock)
(image via Shutterstock)

Don’t be fooled by how arranged and appealing these houses are – they cost serious money. If you really are a Crazy Rich Asian, visit Singapore’s most Instagrammable, perfectly formed, and pastel colored outdoor bar and relive Rachel and Peik Lin’s gal session (the birthplace of the catchy line ‘Bwak Bwak B***h!’), and shop ‘til you drop at the row of Peranakan shophouses.

  • How To Get There:
  1. Head over to Newton Subway station for a  13 minute ride to Chinatown
  2. Then either take a 19 minute walk or 3 minute taxi ride to Neil road
  • Address: Neil Road, Chinatown

4:00pm: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

(image via Shutterstock)
(image via Shutterstock)

From detailed marble floorings to a surprising rooftop garden, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is a definite eye-opener. Known for being the calm in the noisy and bustling streets of Singapore, this temple slash museum will put you at ease as you learn everything you need to know about the origins of Singapore’s main religion.

  • How To Get There:
  1. Either take a 7-minute walk or 2-minute taxi ride
  • Address: 288 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058840, Singapore

7:30pm: Caffe Fernet

Aileen is crazy happy with all the delish food!

Your special night out is a reservation away. With great food and classy ambiance, who wouldn’t feel like they are part of the craziest and richest family tree? Caffe Fernet gives you the greatest water show background of the Spectra as you consume Singapore’s finest dishes such as housemade ricotta with chestnut honey and toast, Mafaldine ‘cacio e pepe,’ and chicken picatta.

  • Service Hours: opens 8:00pm – 8:15pm, 9:00pm – 9:15pm
  • How To Get There:
  1. Start by an 8-Minute walk to Qutram Park subway
  2. Then a 4-Minute subway ride from Qutram Park Subway to Raffles Place
  3. Finally, take a 4-minute walk from Raffles Place to Caffe Fernet
  • Address: 70 Collyer Quay, Customs House #01-05, Singapore 049323

Day 2: Live a day in the life of Colin Khoo

Breakfast at 8:00am: Big Lazy Chop

(image via Pixabay)
(image via Pixabay)

Offering rare local Singaporean food, Big Lazy Chop is the best way to start your ‘lazy’ morning after a jam-packed night. Immerse yourselves with homemade tempura prawns, mushroomed yam rings, and craft beer of your choice while taking in the cozy environment.

  • How To Get There:
  1. Take a short 2-minute walk from Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore to Big Lazy Chop
  • Address: 1A Short Street Campus 1a | Suite 01-04, Singapore 188210, Singapore

10:00am: F1 Street Circuit Driving Experience

Some of us aren’t rich and fortunate enough to be born with a Ferrari, McLaren, or a Lamborghini at our backyards, but visiting F1’s Street Circuit Driving gives us a little taste of what if feels like to be crazily rich. Choose one of these dream luxury cars and speed your way of 185 miles per hour (300 km per hour) on Singapore’s F1 circuit. Head over here to experience this activity.

  • How To Get There:
  1. Begin by walking for 7 minutes from Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore to Rendezvous Grand Hotel bus station
  2. Take a 5-minute bus to Marina Ctr Ter
  3. Finally, another 2-minute walk to Marina Bay Street Circuit
  • Address: Marina Bay Street Circuit, Marina Bay, Singapore

12:00pm: Shop ’til you drop at Marina Bay Sands

(image via Shutterstock)
(image via Shutterstock)

Fashion and design takes the lead in the whole story. From Armani to Zegna, Gucci to Prada, shop ’til you drop at Marina Bay Sands’ three-leveled shopping paradise. Emulate our queen Astrid Leong and let your shopping taste (or budget) guide you as you experience Singapore’s best boutiques whose view alone is worth the visit.

  • How To Get There:
  1. Start by taking a 6-minute walk from Marina Bay to Promenade subway station
  2. Then, a 3-minute ride from Promenade to Bayfront
  3. Lastly a 2-minute walk to 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore
  • Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

Late Lunch at  2:00pm: Humpback

The best seafood place around Singapore? Serving 5 different fresh and authentic oysters, uniquely torched salmon, and Manila clams at a good price, Humpback is the definite place to be for ultimate seafood lovers.

  • How To Get There:
  1. Start by taking a 4-minute walk to Bef Temasek Ave
  2. Then a 9 -minute subway ride to Opp Pearl’s Ctr
  3. From Opp Pearl’s Ctr, walk for 3 minutes to 18-20 Bukit Pasoh Rd
  • Address: 18 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089832, Singapore

4:00 pm: Your imaginary wedding at Chijmes

What we’ve all really been waiting for: revisit the 19th-century gothic chapel named Chijmes Hall (pronounced as ‘chimes’). You may recognize it from Colin and Araminta Khoo’s wedding from the movie.

Step in and play the heart-tugging song of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ while taking in the white wedding architecture.

  • How To Get There:
  1. Begin with a 2-minute walk to Outram Park Station
  2. Then take a  6-minute ride From Outram Park to City Hall
  3. Finally, take a 4-minute walk to 30 Victoria Street
  • Address: 30 Victoria St, Singapore 187996

5:30pm: Singapore Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise

Singapore Royal Albatross (image via Wikimedia Commons)
Singapore Royal Albatross (image via Wikimedia Commons)
(image via Shutterstock)
(image via Shutterstock)

Skipping some rest time before shopping? What better way to end a picture-perfect day than to bask in the a glorious sunset on Singapore’s luxury tall ship? Opt for dinner and witness live jazz performances as you sail past the stunning Singapore skyline. We know it’s not in the movie but trust us, it’s a ‘crazy’ luxurious experience on its own. Grab your tickets here with KKday.

  • How To Get There:
  1. From Victoria street, walk for approximately 3 minutes to Cosmic Insurance Building
  2. From Cosmic Insurance Building, take the 22-minute bus ride found in a nearby station
  3. Arrive at VivoCity and either take a 15-minute ride to 8 Sentosa Gateway
  • Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, behind the Maritime Experiential Museum and next to Adventure Cove

7:30pm: Manhattan

End your night in comfort and style at Manhattan Bar – the undisputed ‘Best Bar in Asia’ for 2 years in a row. Fun fact: it’s newly crowned as the 3rd best bar in the world! Down a bloody Mary or a glass of wine from their extensive list as you munch on finger foods such as classic burgers, fish scallops, and foie gras.

  • How To Get There:
  1. Start with a 4-minute walk to Stamford Ct
  2. Then take a 10-minute bus ride to Bef Tomlinson Rd
  3. Lastly, a 5-minute walk to 1 Cuscaden Rd
  • Address: Level 2, Regent, 1 Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249715

Now, you’re ready to embark on your own craaazy adventure! See all these gorgeous places, feast like royalty, and shop like Astrid with our Crazy Rich Asians 2-Day Itinerary. What are you waiting for? Revel in this Singaporean ‘Hollywood’ experience and live out your star-studded dreams with KKday

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